Woman of the month. Jennifer Barham Floreani.

March woman of the month is the sensational Jennifer Barham-Floreani. This mother of four, wife, doctor, author and speaker has won countless awards, featured on numerous television programs, speaks around the globe and has written 4 best selling books. We caught up with this mumpeneur and talked all things, life, work and family! Authenticity at it’s finest, take a peep- you won’t regret it!


How do you juggle being a mum of 4, wife, an author, speaker and educator?

I’m like most mothers. On any given day I’m the taxi, the chef, the ‘homework task master’ and yet even though parenting is demanding I am completely aware that I live a ridiculously blessed life.

After twenty years I still adore my groom (yes I was a child bride), I have four beautiful boys bursting with testosterone and snappy comebacks and a career that fuels me in every way.

I learnt along time ago to surrender. Prior to children I used to be very detailed, very OCD and when you’re juggling young children and a career you either completely exhaust yourself trying to maintain ‘order’ or you learn to tone things down. It’s a self-preservation thing to learn to’ just dance with the chaos.’


Everyone faces adversities at some stage, what would your advice be to someone who finds them selves in such a place?

 It’s important to honor how you feel about the situation rather than burying those feelings away. Often we can become immobilized by ‘a story’ or perspective that we hold in our hearts and minds that may prevent us from seeing the true gifts in our pain.

Ask people you love and respect to help you see the situation with fresh eyes enabling you to learn from what has unfolded.


What is you favorite recipe?

I’m addicted to bone broth. As I studied the medicinal properties of different foods while researching the current books I’m writing, I was led to bone broth. I was so enamored by it’s health benefits that I wrote a whole E-book on it. I love to prepare and eat foods that give to my cells – that nurture my body. The essence of bone broth is indeed life giving.


Do you have a mantra you live by?

My favorite mentor and friend Dr John De Martini says, “If you don’t fill your life with high priorities, the universe will fill your life with low priorities.”

 I have found this to be incredibly true.

I often talk to my boys about the power of “vision.” How important it is to clarify our goals and dig deep to discover our unique life purpose. We are all here to love and serve humanity in different ways.


What sparked your passion for educating women and families?

 When I was pregnant I realized there was very little information for pregnant couples and parents that taught them how to raise healthy, resilient children. As a practitioner it soon dawned on me that all the research I had at my fingertips regarding the pros and cons of various health and lifestyle decisions needed to be relayed to other parents. How could they ever make informed decisions if they were offered only diluted, biased opinions?


I don’t believe that health confidence should be an exclusive privilege to the children of ‘natural health care practitioners’.  I work with parents who want to raise healthy, vibrant children and specialize in providing advice via my books, website and public speaking- for fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, parenting and of course health and wellbeing.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

My legacy would be that parents feel loved, guided and empowered by my work.


What is your favorite travel destination?

 With out a doubt I love New York but any family holiday with my brood is a good destination.


 What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Letting my children teach me to snowboard!

No, they were remarkable, very patient and tolerant of my hysteria.


What are your plans for 2016?

I have a lot of travel on for work and family commitments and I am finishing my 3rd edition of Well Adjusted Babies, completing Well Adjusted Child and a preconception/fertility guide.

Combined – that should keep me well occupied.

To access any of Jen’s amazing work checkout: http://welladjusted.co/

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