Woman of the Month.

In 2009 Amanda Campbell suffered a major MS attack that left her paralyzed and was given a 50% chance of ever walking again. Unprepared to accept this as her fate, within six weeks, she stunned her doctors by not only walking, but also running.


We thought she was the perfect fit for our women of the month, so we spent some time chatting with the Kinesiologist & entrepreneur about how she got to where she is, what her advice is to others and what she’s got in store next!

She is a true example of what life looks like when you are living in your ‘maximum you’! Enjoy. S & M x

It’s clear from your story that you’ve had to build resilience… Was there a pivotal moment during your recovery that you can recall changed everything for you?

Yes, when I was living in rehab for 2 months, I was learning to pick things up- open and close my hand and to pretty much walk again. There was definitely a pivotal moment when I was in physio with the amazing physicians at Epworth Richmond Hospital and I was trying to make my hand open and close, I had tears rolling down my face, I found it so hard that I couldn’t do it…but in that moment something in me just flicked, I learnt that I could create a new idea as quickly as the one I had about not being able to do it…I decided right then and there this wouldn’t be my destiny and I was going to not just walk but run again.

What would your advice be to others who find themselves in a challenging circumstance?

Transformation is completely possible in everything you do whether it’s a physical set back an illness, job or relationship…You need to understand what drives you…what you think and feel has such an impact on how you view the world and what you start to focus your energy on…as quickly as you create an idea you can create a new one.

Bend like Bamboo and Nourissh are really taking off, how do you find being an entrepreneur?

Fun! I’ve always been that way, when I was in my early teens I used to sing with my sister…We sang in front of Sony, we came close..It was at the time the rogue traders got signed but it wasn’t effortless it felt constantly unattainable..It’s not like my life now…during that time I fell into fashion and led me to start my first online fashion store- I had potential investors and all of that but it was also around the time of my paralysis…looking back on it now I was pushing so hard and I never believed I was successful enough..Bend Like Bamboo and Nourissh have been a completely different energy for me.

How do you balance it all?
Who you surround yourself with is really important and surrounding yourself with people who are good at what you’re lacking…Initially when I started out I thought I needed to do ‘everything’ because I was the CEO of my company but thankfully my cofounder Scott helped me to see it was ludacris to do everything…being a leader is the ability to recognize when you need to step back and let others step up.. So having people you can trust is important.

What’s next for you?

Nourissh is moving into Nourissh @ work which will mean that a fridge is stocked with Nourissh meals and allows employees to make the choice to eat healthier…it’s less daunting making small changes, which is exciting…My role at Nourissh is also changing and I’m doing more educational and motivational speaking- Which I love, I’m excited because I get to teach people to make positive changes…

I’d love for Nourissh to go interstate and travel doing the startups…and ultimately I want to move into schools too!

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