Woman of the month. Therese Kerr.

Therese is a Mother, Grandmother and Health Educator. In 2015 she was voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women as well as Organic Industry Leader in the same year. An Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for Kids Helpline, Endometriosis Australia, and TheMindd Foundation (prevention and treatment of Autism)and if that wrap sheet wasn’t amazing enough, she is also the Co-Founder of The Divine Company and an Animal Rights Activist. So you can see why we had to make her our woman of the month!

We all have a story to share as to what lead us down the path that we’re on, could you give some insight into what ignited your passion for educating people on how to create Divine health & wellbeing?

Absolutely, it started in 1995 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I had it so severely that I was unable to have any more children.

But it wasn’t until 2001 that I had my a-huh moment, I had tumours in my spleen and met Bill Statham the author of a chemical maze and he showed me how the cosmetic and food industries worked.

I soon realised that I had been lathering myself in these chemicals through my cosmetic products for years- all of which had the ability to cause endocrine (hormonal) dysfunction and I have no doubt that’s what contributed to my health problems.

What is your advice to those who are wanting to reclaim their own health & wellbeing?

Keep it simple!!

Simple changes can create massive results, removing the chemical loaders you’re exposed to would be the best place to start.

Think about the personal hygiene products you’re using- toothpaste, deodorant etc. and replace them with certified organic alternatives (like the Divine- and FYI I (Max) had to add that sneaky plug because WE ARE HUGE lovers of their product range).

Our skin can absorb a whopping 60% of all that we put on it and in some areas like our mouth, underarms and genitals we absorb 100% of what we expose the skin too.

Due to the mucus membrane structure and close proximity of lymphatic system.

You play so many roles in advocating a healthier world, what lead to the creation of the Divine?

I had been educating, educating and educating and then in 2009 we created Kora Organics, I was the CEO there for 3 years and I had a conversation with Miranda that we couldn’t just stop at skin care, people are poisoning themselves everyday with their hair care, oral care, baby products, men’s care etc.

But this didn’t really align with her brand so the Divine was created.

Ultimately both Kora and the Divine came to life because we recognised that knowing made little difference.

Education is great but unless we had the ability to offer a solution so people could take action, we weren’t really going to be able to contribute to the health transformation the world needs.

You’re definitely leading the way in health education and organic self-care products. What is the vision moving forward?

Our goal as a company and my goal personally is to help transform health in one generation through our personal care products and education!

Our world used to be organic, nature had and has all the answers always. We need to move back to that place for our future generations.

For more from Therese & how to get your hands on some of the amazing Divine products check out the links below:

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The Divine Company Instagram

We’ll also be sharing a couple of articles from Therese over the coming weeks, as there were way too many golden nuggets to get into one post- so stay tuned for those!

S & M. x

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