Woman of the Month Rachel Holm

“Meet Rachel Holm the founder of the magical essential oil blends ‘Hanako Therapies’ an energetic healer, mamma, wife and business women whose story, tips and tricks will no doubt inspire you! We spent some time chatting to this wonderful soul about the pain that was losing her first born, how it was the catalyst for her beautiful business venture and what she does to help her keep grounded whilst juggling the roles of modern day woman! – You’ll love this interview its pure food for the soul”

We always love finding out the why behind our woman of the month’s businesses, do you mind sharing a little about why you started Hanako therapies?

Absolutely, it was actually a path I began to follow after we lost our first born Sierra. When I was pregnant with her I had this insatiable desire to study energetic healing and I just didn’t know how I was going to be able juggle it along with a new born and it’s something my husband and I often spoke about.

My pregnancy with Sierra was very ethereal, when I compare it to the other two it was almost like I knew at some level that she wasn’t going to be with us.

Looking back, I can see it was something I needed to go through because it lead me to the path I’m on now.

A month after we’d had her I decided to start the two-year diploma and it was such a transformative and powerful self-healing journey, being in that environment, learning and growing just made my heart sing even among the immense grief and I knew this is what I wanted to bring into the world.

After a year in business as an energetic healer we moved to America for a year and that’s when the concept of Hanako truly came about.

Being in a new country I didn’t know where to find the practitioners I was used to supporting me (like acupuncturists and massage therapists) I did however know that I needed to have practices to help balance and ground me.

As fate would have it my neighbour at the time was an aroma therapist and I loved the power of the oils so decided to do a course in essential oils- which is where my love for them truly came alive.

I loved (and still love) mixing and blending, initially I made them for myself and my family but I soon started using them in my healing sessions with clients and they wanted to be able to buy them and take them home.

I combined everything I’d learnt in my studies to create the most nourishing, enriching crystal infused water, oils and mantras to support the healing process.

It organically took on a life of its own and became Hanako Therapies.

Pain and grief is something we all face at some point in time and you’ve no doubt been able to transform yours into something amazing. What is your advice to women who may find themselves dealing with these emotions?

Find nurturing, supportive people and environments and most importantly allow yourself to feel it.

I found solace in sitting in my pain, rather than resisting or hiding it.

When we first lost our beautiful girl there were definitely times where I wanted to run and hide from what I was feeling but letting it simply be and expressing it was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.

The mantras and oils also really helped.

Self-nurturing is such a powerful way to create space for healing but it’s equally powerful for simply keeping balanced day-to-day. What are some of your daily non-negotiables?

Definitely, it’s an important part of my routine and regardless of how much work we have on or the commitments with the kids I always make time for:

– Yoga/movement- I need to physically move the energy in my body to be at my best I’ve always loved dance and was naturally drawn to yoga
– Meditation- So important for quietening down the to do lists and softening into the here and now
– Swimming in the ocean or a cold shower in the morning- it makes me feel so invigorated and I find it super cleansing!

We couldn’t have you featured and not ask you about your favourite oils! Stress is something so many of us are exposed to what are your 3 go to oils for balancing that energy?

– Lavender
– Sweet orange
– Roman Chamomile

These oils are the perfect mood balancers and of course I am Bliss from our range it really helps to guide you back to the present moment and I love to use this at night spraying it over the crown of my head and pillows.

There are no doubt exciting things brewing behind the scenes at Hanako, what should we keep our eyes and ears out for?

There sure are, we’ve just launched a new product called I am…brave and we’ll be launching customised kits (where we’ll make blends according to your specific healing needs) in the coming weeks!

For more on Hanako therapies and the beautiful Rachel head to:

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Like we said this is true food for the soul, let us know what you think in the comments below! S & M.x