Woman of the month. Nicola Robinson Evans.

Meet Nicola Robinson-Evans our June woman of the month, you may know this amazing beauty from her divine instagram account “nutritionmermaid” or perhaps as the other half of celebrity chef Pete Evans. We spoke with this kindred spirit about where she started, her passion for animals, good food (including what sparked the couple to become paleo) and what her goals are for the future! Authentically shared from the heart, you will love this…

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m an animal loving, farm girl from Christchurch, Aotearoa. I grew up in a family of six, which included three older brothers, whom I lovingly adored. From a very young age I felt inherently in tune with the animal kingdom with a particular passion for horses and dogs. I spent many of my earlier years with a glorious Arabian mare named Sophie and it would be fair to say that we were each other’s shadows. Sophie was a wonderful teacher and she graciously helped to teach me the art of unconditional love and together, dressage was our discipline of choice.

As content as I was with my farm life, opportunity knocked at my door and at the age of 17 and I left Christchurch and travelled abroad. Somehow I grew up overnight and went from a tomboy farm girl to an international model, travelling to various countries around the world for work. It was a strange, yet interesting job and I’m very grateful to have been able to enjoy a career that allowed me to see so many beautiful parts of Mother Earth. After four years on the road, it was clear to me that my heart was in my Mother Land, so to her I returned. During my twenties I did the odd TV show and continued to model here and there, and in-between jobs I studied art and pretty much painted my heart out.

After a big stint of pure singleness during my early thirties, I met a very sweet Australian surfer boy named ‘Pete,’ we fell head over heels in love with each other and enjoyed such a unique union that I eventually once again left Kiwi Land and joined him in this beautiful country that I now call home… Oz!

Now you can find me in Northern NSW, once again on a farm (where I belong) with a menagerie of wondrous animals and over 25 acres of sacred land that I’m ever so grateful to be the guardian of alongside my husband Pete and his two beautiful daughters Chilli and Indii.

What sparked your desire to change your life style?

Despite popular belief, my lifestyle had always been relatively healthy, although I’ve definitely made some very poor and decidedly naive choices due to past insecurities – breast implants during my 23rd year, being my outright number one!!! I have to make a conscious effort to not spend any time delving into regret over the two uncomfortable mounds in my chest, it’s a tough mistake to shake, but besides that and a few other strays off the path, I’ve generally chosen to live a very peaceful, nature rich, energetic life. Thankfully the notion of nourishing myself was instilled in me at a young age.

But unfortunately, up until five years ago, I also ate gluten and sugar, without realizing that they were one of the root causes of many of my own physical and emotional discomforts.

Six months into our (mine and Pete’s) partnership, I came across a book named Primal Body Primal Mind by an outstanding author Nora Gedgaudas. Nora’s book changed our lives and opened a door of newfound clarity and our Paleo journey began…

At the time I was still eating gluten and sugar I was also using so called ‘natural’ toxic skin and hair care which is a major booboo! Our skin is of course a significant entry point to our bodies, and whatever we’re using on it, will seep right on in and make its way to every vulnerable nook and cranny.

I could go on and on for days about the countless toxins that we’re exposed to in modern life, but instead I would love to recommend another incredible read by an absolutely amazing woman named Kelly Brogan, her book titled A Mind of Your Own is an impressive and motivating guide book.

How did your love for nutritious, beautiful food start?

My parents and my grandparents gifted to me my great love of food! They all lovingly acquainted me with their knowledge and always included me in daily cooking, as well as teaching me how to manage and give life to a flourishing vegetable garden. All of this was a splendid introduction to one of our greatest forms of nourishment – food, and therefore cooking nutritious food has always been a pleasure and never a chore for me. My exquisite husband ‘Pete,’ has continuously inspired me and enabled me to expand my repertoire over the last five years too and I’m always open to acquiring more ‘cheffy’ skills and cooking alongside him in our office – the kitchen. He calls me the Salad Queen, which I must say, is quite an honorable title!

What advice do you have for women who want to make a change in their lives but might feel stuck?

Knowledge empowers and inspires me, so I would suggest if you’re struggling to cultivate an optimal lifestyle that allows you to grow, thrive, smile inside and out and be the best you can be, then maybe choose to seek a newfound comprehension of how our minds, bodies and spirits can vibrantly prosper. I can only speak from my own experience… once I recognized and comprehended how certain foods affected me I found it to be ever so easy to make wiser, educated lifestyle decisions.

In saying this, I also feel that it’s truly important to never be harsh on yourself if you do slip up, as guilt is such a pointless, debilitating emotion and so not worth anyone’s precious energy.

Bottom line and the best advice that I can give to anyone though, is to be kind, compassionate and loving of yourself, in all aspects of life, always and it doesn’t hurt to seek a healthy, up to date health professional to help guide you on your journey.

What is your favorite mantra?

I love mantra’s, for me they have a profound healing effect as they are true sounds of power that have a swift effect on my energy field. If you were a bird on our farm you would hear me singing a few different ones daily. I do love the ancient mantra Om Mani Padme Hum as it instantly opens my heart and I love the knowing that there will be many other beings around the world chanting this peace finding mantra in unison with me, and therefore the power of our combined conscious intent is amplified. Om Mani Padme Hum together means ‘the opening of the jewel in the lotus,’ which I translate to meaning ‘may my heart embody and evoke divine compassion and may I know myself to be an endless beacon of love and light.’

What is your favorite recipe?

My favorite recipe is so very simple and contains just 3 yummy ingredients-along with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper of course…
2. Avocado
3. Fermented beetroot
But the virtue of the eggs is a key factor in this dish!

I’m also a rather dedicated cacao alchemist, so I’m fairly fond of a few different chocolate recipes’ too like this one:
1. Organic fair trade, raw cacao
2. Cacao butter
3. Pure rose & cardamom oil
4. Fresh vanilla bean a
5. A drizzle of pure Manuka honey from our hives-which is next level

What can we expect from you in the future?

I have a number of hopes and dreams that I’m manifesting daily… A healing center combined with a yoga studio in my local home town is high on the list, rebirthing the beautiful land that we are guardians of here on the farm with a flourishing Rain Forest is a certainty, along with planting a native Forest of over 400 Eucalypts and eventually taking in a family of Koala’s to protect too.

Reaching the prestigious Grand Prix level in dressage with my best friend Olly – an exceptional 5-year-old Friesian gelding, is a very deep passion that I’m dedicated to also.

My deepest purpose though is about consciously and sub consciously giving and receiving unconditional love, acceptance and trust and in turn, sharing it with all life, through every path possible.

To keep up with all things Nic head to her Instagram

S & M. X

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