Woman of the month. Emeli Paulo.

Emeli Paulo is the founding power house behind collective potential, she is a disruptor a change innovator and unapologetically real. We caught up with this superstar to chat about the amazing tribe she and her team are creating, the experiences & people that have shaped her and what’s next for this visionary.


Collective potential is doing amazing things for human awakening, what lead to its founding?


Well it’s pretty simple: Jim Stines, he was an AFL football brown low medallist, he played 244 games..and like all great footballers, he came to speak at my high school in 1998.

At the time I remember thinking I DO NOT LIKE FOOTBALL, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT…My dad had just passed and my mum was diagnosed with cancer and I thought I could find solace in 2 bottles of bourbon, smoking dope, bongs and taking acid. I was so lost and without hope.

Listening to him literally changed the trajectory of my life and in particular the question:

“How do you want to be remembered?”

He was running the reach foundation at the time for young people to believe they could, I was so inspired and started working at Reach and eventually ran it from 17-31.

I held 1000’s of workshops for teens and eventually corporates.

As I was doing that I grew and was supported, I realised it was because I had people that believed in my potential.

After Reach I wanted to continue doing this…My ahuh moment was I needed to grow but I couldn’t do it on my own hence collective potential was born.

What is the vision for collective potential moving forward?

To continue providing a space for people who love and want change, we provide them with self-development events, workshops and most importantly a community to grow and connect. We definitely want to take it beyond Australia.

You’ve been exposed to some of the world’s greatest leaders can you give us a little insight on what you learnt:


Dalai lama- His holiness…. that was epic and all because I got one question to ask him so I asked him: “Can I sit up the front with you and ask you one question” ….

so I got to sit up the front with him at this event and spend more time with him and we had the time of our lives we laughed so much…he was seriously pure joy…and had such wisdom and love..I learnt that day what pure love looked like.


Richard Branson- I got to spend 5 days on Neckar island with him and some of the world’s most innovative, influential business people…I learnt that you can be for profit, for the planet and for the people…It was unreal.

Oprah Winfrey- This was intense, she was: Staunch… very why, how, what are you doing? It was an amazing experience…and told me to come back when I’ve got something good going on, so that’s the intention.


What do you feel they all had in common?

They challenge the status quo, they got really passionate about the state of the world, and it didn’t matter how many riches they had, they wanted more than that- they wanted to wake people up.


What’s next for you?

To continue growing collective potential and over the next 2 years we’ll be working on a project called hub Soco that will provide a space for people to experience the work we do..

It will be a cool, creative, collaborative space where other people who work in the same space can use the venue to facilitate their own workshops and interactive programs too..

It’s going to be epic.


For more on Emeli and Collective potential checkout the link below:


“The space outside of your comfort zone is the space where the people you admire stand.” Emeli Paulo.


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