Woman of the month Vanessa Prosser

Meet Vanessa Prosser a young mamma of two beautiful bambinos (Bambi 4 and Leo 10 months) who is living life in the slow lane with her man and adorable brood! She isn’t following the status quo and runs a divine air BnB on the Gold Coast so they can live life their way and we LOVE IT! We caught up with the instagram sensation to talk all things slow living- so many gems of wisdom shared and we know you will LOVE this down to earth, beach mama’s insights.

We thought it fitting to kick this interview off by diving straight into ‘slow living’ and exploring some of your insights on what it means to you and why it’s a lifestyle you’ve chosen for your beautiful growing family.

Brook Mcalary the author of the book “slow” puts it the best possible way that resonates with me:

” Slow living is a curious mix of being prepared and being prepared to let go. Caring more and caring less. Saying yes and saying no. Being present and walking away. Doing the important things and forgetting those that aren’t. Grounded and free. Heavy and light. Organised and flexible. Complex and simple.” 

For me it’s also letting go of the excess stuff in our home. Eating and living mindfully. It’s simplifying, being intentional and focusing on the important things in life. 

What advice would you give other mammas and sisters out there who want to bring in some of these values into their day-to-day?

Everyone has a different version of #slowliving life, what’s important to you might not be what’s important to me. It’s also something that definitely doesn’t happen overnight. 2 books that have helped me change my outlook on life 
– “simplify” by Bill Hybels 
– “Slow” by Brooke Mcalary (currently reading ) 
Another quote from Brooke that puts it so simply is this: 
” step of the ever evolving Carasol of want -to-buy -want – upgrade. Opt out of the comparison games stop cramming a month’s worth of engagements into a weekend refuse to live your life according to trends. Tread lighter on the earth. Create a home and a life that is simple slower and most importantly what works for you.” 

As a busy mamma it’s extra important to nourish yourself what are three of your non-negotiable self-care tips that keep you glowing from the inside out and outside in?

Inside out:
– Nutra organics products 
– Mindful eating 
– Organic fruits and vegetables 

Outside in:
– Aloe Vera and coconut oil baths 
– Muki skincare 
– Essential oils

What is your favourite way to keep inspired and connected? – is there a particular book, podcast or song?

Right now it’s my bible, Joe Rogan (podcast) , Jordan Peterson (YouTube lectures), the books “slow” “simplify” and journaling. 

Many of the sisters we talk to find it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to share and capture all of the amazing moments which takes them away from the experience at times… How do you balance sharing your life on social media and still keeping presence?

It’s definitely been a case of trial and error. A year and a half ago I took a two month break from social media and that changed my outlook a lot. I’m currently on a break ATM for a week. I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s a case of being mindful and having people to call you out and keep you accountable e.g your partner or a friend. I know personally when I’ve been on too much and I’m becoming not present in a situation. Everyone’s threshold will be different. Set boundaries and be mindful when using it. Use it well and share the goodness of your life. Documenting 10 minutes of your day doesn’t mean you’re not present but pick and choose when to do that. That’s what works for me. 

What’s your favourite go to recipe when you’re short on time?

Definitely a SMOOTHIE- Make, blend, drink or take on the go! 

Thriving cacao choc protein powder smoothie recipe 
– 2x frozen banana (or ripe ) 
– 2x table spoons of peanut butter 
– 2x table spoons of hemp seeds 
– 2x table spoons of cacao choc protein powder (Nutra organics ) 
– 500 ml filtered water 

For more on Vanessa’s slow living lifestyle follow her on Instagram

Did you love this woman of the month as much as we did?? Leave us a comment with your 2 big take-aways we love hearing from you. S & M.x

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