Woman of the month Nat Kringoudis

Meet our June woman of the month the delightful Nat Kringoudis, we don’t think this superstar needs too much of an intro for most of you but just incase you haven’t heard of her before she is a doctor of Chinese medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. She’s also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, creator of Yo’Nuts and producer of HealthTalks TV. Oh and if that doesn’t cover everything she’s also a mamma of two! We know you’re going to love this fun, bubbly, pocket rocket’s insights as much as we do!

We want to dive straight into it by asking what your top tips on stress are, it’s something soo many sisters experience and of course it is a part of life to some extent but you do a lot of work around creating awareness for chronic stress and how it influences our hormones- so where can we start?

Becoming conscious of where are stress is coming from is where I often start..Is our diet lacking nutrient rich food? or are we thinking unkind thoughts….or is our body finding it difficult to detox because were exposed to too many synthetic chemicals like in personal care products…or is it the physical environment we’re in day-to-day e.g. a workplace where everyone is on edge with deadlines all the time…When we start creating awareness around the things that can be potentially triggering us we can begin making different choices to re-balance.

I always encourage starting with the easy and small things first, we might not be able to change our work environment straight away but we could make changes to what were eating…so focus on one area at a time and begin adjusting the things you can influence.

Applying the 8 by 8 by 8 rule is something I find really helpful and use in clinic all the times- it suggests 8hrs of sleep 8hrs work 8 hours of sleep, of course not every day is going to see this balanced exactly but it’s a great guide.

How do you manage the juggle of mamma hood, practitioner, educator, wife etc?

First up I want to say this: I drop the ball all THE TIME!!! and I’m not perfect, which can be tricky when you’re a leader…be it a leader of a household, a business, a team or otherwise…but I think owning that we’re human is super important, I certainly don’t always have it all figured out…

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing community of people around me- both at work (my team) and at home (my husband, mother in law and friends), which means I don’t have to do everything….without them I definitely wouldn’t be able to do as much as I do…Now, I know we might not all have our mothers in law or mothers living around the corner but looking at ways we can pull on our community is definitely how I get things done…so a tip I often share is who is in your circle that you perhaps switch time with e.g. you look after your GF’s kids one day and she looks after yours another.

What are your 3 go to hormone loving foods??

Sometimes it’s actually NOT having foods…intermittent fasting can be an absolute game changer- especially for those with hormone imbalances like PCOS and when I say intermittent fasting I don’t mean not eating, it just means that the eating window might be condensed to an 8 or 10 hr time period.

Fat and protein rich foods are my go to, our hormones are made from fat and protein…and it’s one of those simple things I see many skimp on- especially at breakfast…examples include things like coconut oil, avocado and nuts.

Antioxidant rich foods like olives and berries are also great for free radical damage (which happens from day-to-day life) and supports the body in renewing and repairing cells.

What’s your favourite way to have fun??

I benefit soo much from being social- I love being around my friends and family…even if I’ve had a busy, full day it relaxes me and helps me unwind- I know for some people it would be the opposite but thats something I really enjoy…The beach is something else I absolutely LOVE- I find it really challenging not being able to go during winter but I always remind myself summer is only around the corner…ha ha well at least thats what I tell myself.

Oh and last but not least, X-fit, to be honest i don’t actually really love x-fit all that much but I love the ritual of being able to spend time with my hubby and the effort he goes to, he makes sure the kids are looked after, so we can go together. Over time the community there have truly become friends, so thats what I really love.

To wrap things up, how can we bring a little more TCM into our day-to-day?

1. Eating warm and cooked foods- especially during the cooler months….Raw and cold foods can be really difficult to digest and it’s something I always encourage people to play with if they are experiencing any digestive discomforts or energy dips through out the day.

2. Understanding and being aware of our emotions is a biggie. TCM believes that physical imbalances are 50% organ related and 50% emotion related… So if theres an ailment that keeps popping up and we’re doing the physical things to support it, what are the emotions we keep experiencing or potentially suppressing (of course this goes the other way too, if we’re doing the work on the emotions are we doing the work on the physical?)

Some of the main emotions related to organs are:

Lung- Sadness
Heart- Overjoyed
Spleen/Gut- Worry
Liver- Anger
Kidney- Fear

I feel this is a really great guide to get us started and something worth looking further into!

To keep up with all things hormones, TCM and Nat Kringoudis you can head to her instagram here and her clinics (The Pagoda Tree) instragram here

Also keep an eye out for the launch of her amazing new book which is set to be a game changer for women of all ages when it comes to understanding their hormones- mothers, daughters, aunts, grand-mothers and even great-grandmothers are going to want to get their hands on this!!

What were the nuggets of wisdom you to from this FAB instalment of woman of the month? Share with us in the comments, we love hearing from you!

Until next week, S & M.x