Woman of the month, mother daughter duo Susan and Laura Stachler

Laura and Susan are the founders of Susansnaps – a specialty gingersnap cookie company, based in the US…When Susan was 22 and in her final year of college she was diagnosed with Cancer, the events that followed opened a completely new world of connection, love and purpose for this mother, daughter duo!

For those of our sister’s who haven’t heard your story before could you share a little about Susansnaps and how it all came about?

We know it seems a little crazy having a company based solely on gingersnaps, but so is the story how this all started.

At twenty-two, a week before Susan’s college graduation, she was diagnosed with cancer. Not exactly, what she was planning for life after graduation. But, we’ve come to learn that life is full of surprises… including owning a cookie company and recently writing a book.

Susansnaps was a labor of love developed after Laura watched both her husband and daughter- Susan undergo chemo within the same year. Ginger is a natural stomach soother and cookies always have a way to bring smiles to peoples faces, so Laura got busy in the kitchen and created the ultimate gingersnap recipe.

Fast forward to now and we’re stronger then ever, we get to work together everyday and have now published our first book the ‘Cookie Cure’…there is always a silver lining and this was ours..

It’s certainly quiet an adventure you guys have been on and you definitely sounds like it brought you closer together…Do you have any advice for other mammas and daughters out there when it comes to communication and keeping the lines clear and open?

We think some of the best advice we can share with moms and daughters is to have a mutual respect for one another, listen and allow the other to express themselves without judgement.

Being in business together- as we well know is super FUN but how do you make sure you separate ‘business’ and ‘quality time’ together?

We have a great time working together it’s certainly a pretty unique thing to be in business with your mother/daughter. The two things blend and because we enjoy what we do so much it actually does’t really feel like ‘work’.

How do you stay inspired and connected in your relationship?

Laughter and not taking things to seriously!!

The process of writing our recent book was actually a massive catalyst for us to connect, it was challenging reliving and writing about some of our harder days with chemo and radiation but, there were also moments where we would be laughing so hard reminiscing over the funny moments.

We’re also fortunate that we have lots of the same interests and see things in a similar way.

Making time for yourself outside of any relationship is super important (so we of course show up as our ‘Maximum You’) What are 3 of your favourite self-care tips?

We agree, it’s soo important to have YOU time.

Susan’s 3 self-care tips:

– I like going to the gym or getting into nature for a walk and listening to music
– I love to cook, I especially enjoy getting creative and making new recipes
– Watching a good movie

Laura’s 3 self-care tips:

– Making time to meditate or pray
– Cooking and preparing dinner for family is relaxing and brings me so much joy
– Antique shopping

You’ve mentioned your beautiful book the cookie cure a couple of times, what ignited the spark to share your story?

It came from unlikely beginnings, through the treatment and then starting our cookie company. We wanted to share our story in the hopes to entertain and inspire others to keep going even when it feels like the odds are stacked against you…and most of all we hope it brings other mother’s and daughters closer together.

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