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“Meet woman of the month Claire baker, she’s a women’s coach and writer who teaches women around the world to harnesses the power of the female moon cycle (aka menstrual cycle). Her insights on how to tap into our feminine power are truly fascinating and we have no doubt that you will absolutely love what this no BS women’s health and abundance advocate has to offer!”

Let’s dive right in!!

Women’s health is such a multi-faceted system and it’s not really the ‘norm’ to explore the female cycle as an avenue for prosperity (although we totally feel it should be) how did your fascination and exploration of all this actually begin and what sparked your deep interest into the menstrual cycle?

No, it’s not, and it’s something I’m really passionate about changing. It really began with the exploration of my own cycle after taking the contraceptive pill for 10 years and not having any bleeding for a year (aka post-pill amenorrhea ) when I came off it at 26.

I’d started taking better care of my body and had become more conscious of my self-care practice, when taking synthetic hormones just felt so out of alignment with the other steps I’d taken, so I decided to stop taking it as an experiment and nothing happened — literally.

I actually didn’t bleed for a full year…

In that year I had become truly terrified that I’d screwed my body, so I began searching for answers, and dove into so many holistic practices of learning, exploring and discovering about the menstrual cycle. At 27, my cycle returned and it was the first time I’d truly experienced a ‘natural’ cycle, and when it came back I felt completely different on every level; emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually.

I began to truly see and feel the ebbs and flows my body moved through along the various phases, and it completely fascinated me, so much so that I felt called to share these learnings with other women.

So what is the vision you have for the work that you do and how women view their menstrual cycle?

That it becomes something that is actually revered in our workplaces, schools, relationships and every area of life.

I want it to not be such a topic of ‘taboo’; that women feel empowered and not embarrassed by tampons, bleeding, or bodies, because it is sooo natural and normal and truly a gift, especially when we learn to harness and embrace the cycle.

It’s empowering for all aspects of our lives — especially when it comes to our mental and emotional health.

What are your top 3 self-care tips to aid our bodies during menstruation?

Number 1 take care of your nervous system: slow things right down, be more mindful during your day to allow for extra rest and self-care.

Number 2 use re-usable menstrual products: there is something really beautiful about using products that take care of the environment as well as your body. There are so many great options available to us now, from reusable pads, to period undies and menstrual cups…shifting from tampons to a menstrual cup was a really wonderful experience for me. It allowed me to connect a lot more deeply with my body and understand what it was telling me through the quality and quantity of my blood.

Number 3 Ritualise it for yourself in some way, shape or form: be it through lighting a red candle, or wearing a particular red lipstick or shawl, or working on a creative project each month on the first day of menstruation to truly honour yourself, your body and the experience of your bleed.

With it being summer here in Australia and winter over in London, do you believe that the seasons require us to approach our self-care during menstruation differently? And if so can you share how you would adapt based on the seasonal changes?

Yes, absolutely. I believe that the seasons carry different energies and as such our energies naturally shift (of course including our cycle). For example, summer is far more yang, we’re more expressive and outward, whereas winter is more yin and we’re naturally guided toward inward activity.

The fascinating thing is that during various points in the menstrual cycle, the outer reflection of the elements may not match our internal experience of the cycle, say if we’re ovulating in our inner summer and it’s dark and cold outside.

Or alternatively, experiencing ovulation when it’s a really hot summery day can be really intense! Both the body and the external world is that more yang and fiery energy, so we may be inclined to seek things that help us to cool down and hydrate like swimming in the ocean or having a fresh soothing juice.

I also find having the tool of a menstrual cycle awareness practice is really helpful for these times; by journaling our experience we can keep track of what works when we feel these intensities or imbalances, and draw on things to bring harmony to the experience.

The changes and signals obviously vary a lot during the different stages from our nutritional needs, to exercise and other self-care practices. Do you have any go to meals or foods you choose when bleeding?

In the lead up to my bleed I find I’m really drawn to red meat, so I may opt for slow cooked lamb or something along those lines… think: cleaning foods that are warming, nourishing and grounding, which will all aid the bleeding process. Anything too cold and restrictive may influence and bring on symptoms like cramping. I also really love earthy spices and root vegetables to give the body a break. There is a lot of repair work that can be done during our bleed, and so I’d also avoid or certainly minimise things like sugar, alcohol, dairy and caffeine to allow the body to use its resources to repair and replenish, and take any unnecessary pressure off the nervous system.

What exciting things should we be keeping our eyes and ears out for when it comes to you and all things “Adore Your Cycle” in 2018?

The Adore Your Cycle eBook and audiobook are always available in my online store which are in-depth guides to charting your menstrual cycle, the inner seasons of the cycle and lots of other awesome content. I’m running a retreat in Victoria in May of 2018 which I’m really looking forward to, especially because I get to come home and it’s always a treat getting to work with women in Australia!

For more on Claire and her work with “Adore Your Cycle” you can visit her social pages via:



Let us know what you think in the comments below, did you take away anything new? Or has it opened your mind to viewing your cycle any differently??

We’d love to hear from you!!

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