Winter, the season of Qi

Winter is upon us and this time of year naturally lends itself to moving slower, reserving energy and turning inward. In TCM the organs associated with winter are the kidney’s and bladder. The Kidney’s are said to store our Qi (aka life force) and during the winter months we rebuild these stores.

So on the blog today we wanted to share some of the practices you can use to support our body in building and replenishing Qi/life force.

Here are 7 of our fav go to Qi strengtheners:

1. Walking, this is a great way to strengthen Qi as it helps to calm the nervous system, support circulation, and encourages a daily dose of mother nurture!

2. Sleep, going to bed earlier and rising later can literally be a game changer during the winter months. Practicing good sleep hygiene by creating a routine like taking a bath, or reading a book with a herbal tea is helpful to a good nights rest.

3. Self-massage, this is such a nourishing self care practice and can be done through warming oil like sesame or olive oil and applying to the skin. During the cooler months we obviously spend more time indoors exposed to artificial heating and when we go outside the change in temperatures can cause dryness, an oily self-massage can be a beautiful way to keep balance.

4. Eat warming, grounding foods like slow cooked meats, broths and vegetables all of which support our digestive fire- and of course when digestion is strong we absorb nutrients more effectively and that’s key to restoration.

5. Incorporate vitamin D rich foods like oily fish (sardines or wild caught salmon), or fermented cod liver oil. Vitamin D plays an important role in immunity + repair and with less natural sunlight, we become more reliant on food sources to keep stores up. Hot tip: pair vitamin D rich foods with vitamin K2 rich foods like organic butter for enhanced vitamin D absorption.

6. Use a hot water bottle to pre-heat your bed- this is a great alternative to the ‘electric blanket’ and it won’t mess with your bodies natural energy fields + it’s way cheaper, environmentally friendly and your kidney’s dislike the cold so it ticks many of the Qi building boxes.

7. Drink enough H20, this might seem like a bit of a no brainer but the Kidney’s need hydration to do their job properly, drink water at room temperature and sipping throughout the day is more beneficial then drinking 2 l’s in one go ;).

There we have it our top 7 Qi building tips! What were your top 2 takeaways?? Leave us a comment we love hearing from you.

Until next week, S & M.x

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