Winter yoga flow with Patch Thompson

During the winter months, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors, snuggling on the couch, eating warming foods and drinking hot choccie. It’s naturally what our bodies urge us to do, yet so often we fight it’s calling and continue to burn through our energy. It wasn’t until I began studying Chinese Medicine, that I truly understood the importance of listening to my body. I used to push through by keeping up with ‘doing’ and would feel so guilty if I spent hours on the couch instead of outside. And I wondered why I always caught a cold, had inconsistent sleeping patterns and felt tired at work! The ancient Chinese healers very much believe that we need to live in alignment with the seasons.

This means that as the days become short and dark, it’s essential that we retreat and nourish. We use this time to nurture, replenish and to begin building our energy for Spring. Just like the universe we are apart of, we need to honour our natural cycles and patterns instead of trying to shift them. Yin yoga is a beautiful nourishing practice that helps replenish our bodies during these colder months. A yoga practice wrapped in blankets, supported by bolsters in a warm cosy room? Yes please! Here are some poses that will help open your Kidney and Bladder channels – which are the organs of winter.

1. Butterfly pose on your back with bolster under your spine

2. Sleeping Swan nestled onto your bolster

3. Hammock pose using your strap as support

4. Twisted Roots pose

We’ll definitely be giving this nourishing sequence a go, will you join us?? Leave us a comment with a YES if you are and make sure to tag us on insta with the hashtag #Maximumyousisterhood…on another note are you loving this segment with Patch?? We’d love to hear your feedback!!

Until next week,

S & M.x