Want to bring more flow into your life?

“Flow” the state where life feels effortless…it’s a beautiful experience and puts us on the path to creating the reality we truly desire but at times it may not be present so when that experience presents how can we re-kindle FLOW?

There are loads of ways to invite and re-ignite balance and it all starts with why the block is there in the first place?

What are we doing or not doing that isn’t in alignment with our values, beliefs and truths?

When life challenges us it’s because we’re being asked to take a deeper inventory and look at who we are, what we are doing and perhaps even who and what we’re surrounding ourselves with…it could present in the form of ill health, financial strain, career pressure, relationship breakdowns and sooo many other “challenges”.

Taking stock of the reality we are creating is definitely not always ‘comfortable’ but if we truly want to move beyond this place we need to allow ourselves the opportunity to sit in the discomfort and then take action from a place of compassion and love- which is often the complete opposite of what we’re taught!

In our experience personally and through working with clients we see that “FEAR” is often the creator of the block and equally keeps the block of flow in place if we don’t know how to explore or shift it.

Fear presents in many ways, shapes and forms from the fear of not liking what we’re going to find if we do the self-exploration, to the fear of rejection, or the fear of not being deemed worthy…the potential labels are endless but they all require a similar transmutation..which is turning into our fear into an opportunity for growth and expansion.

So how can we move from “rut-ville” to “flow-town”?

1. Use our “Clear the Fear” e-book (which will launch the end of this month) and work through the exercises…

2. Journalling- write down everything that is making you feel ‘stuck’ ‘frustrated’ ‘angry’ ‘uncomfortable’ on one side of the page…on the other write down all potential solutions to these limitations.

Allowing ourselves to acknowledge feelings of limitation stop them from having as much power.

3. Create a practice of gratitude- Every day for 30 days you can do this in the morning or evening- these things don’t have to be ‘huge’ it can be as simple as someone holding the door open for you when you went to grab your favourite green juice down the road…or that you got a loyalty discount for shopping at your local food store…or maybe it was that gorgeous puppy that you stopped to pat on your way home!

Keep it simple and when any feelings of lack or limitation attempt to bubble up remind yourself of this list!

4. NATURE- Yes, it is one of our answers to most things but it truly is sooo sooo powerful and completely available to you at any time!

Turn your phone to flight mode and walk through the trees, listen to the sounds what can you hear? The birds, the wind among the trees, your feet on the cool winter ground?

It allows us to step into the present moment with immense awareness and when we are in the now fear cannot exist- which you guessed it opens the gateway to flow.

5. Create a vision board of all the things you desire to attract into your life- don’t get to hung up on timelines etc just create something that inspires you.

Where would you like to live? Who would you like to have in your life- friends? hobbies? work? play? love? Put it some where you see regularly and then choose one of those desires to action…here you can work back ward and make a plan of what it will take to get there!

All of these tools are powerful and things we use regularly in our workshops and personally…which is of course why as we mentioned earlier we’ll be launching our “Clear the Fear” e-book to give you the personalised guide to creating your Maximum You from the comfort of your own home.

Let us know how you go by leaving a comment below- we LOVE hearing from you and make sure you sign up the #mysisterhood via our pop up to get the latest Maximum You goodness straight to your inbox.

S & M.x