Is Vitamin C the secret to radiant skin?

While Vitamin C is not the ‘only’ thing that contributes to radiant skin- factors like movement, sleep, hydration, joy, sun exposure, protein intake and detoxification are just some of the other the things that contribute. It does play a large role in its texture and structure. Vitamin C, (aka ascorbic acid), is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in fresh fruits and veggies and is particularly high in the citrus family. Vitamin C works primarily as an antioxidant and aids in neutralising free radicals, which supports healthy ageing, immune function and levels of inflammation. Vitamin C also contributes to the production of collagen- an integral structural protein for our connective tissue (healthy connective tissue supports plump, firm skin).

One of the other things that is often overlooked about Vitamin C is the critical role it plays in the absorption of iron. Iron supports strong blood, energy and proper oxygenation of our cells and tissues, all of which indirectly impact the structure and integrity of our skin. Eating Vitamin C rich food along with iron rich food like red meat, has been shown to boost iron absorption by more then 50% and is one of the hacks I used to bump up my own iron levels. It’s also something I suggest to women particularly around that time of the month. Something as simple as a little lemon juice over your veggies with lamb chops, can support the extraction of iron from the lamb.

Other vitamin C rich foods you may wish to add into your rotation are (I also list at length various foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and what seasons they’re available in my e-book nutrition basics):

Chilli peppers
Brussel sprouts

3 ways to get in Vitamin C rich foods:

1. Adding a drop of citrus essential oil like lemon, grapefruit or bergamot to some water is another potent way to boost vitamin C intake and if this is something you’d like to explore feel free to reach out for a free essential oils starter session. You could of course also squeeze the fresh stuff into your water.

2. Season veggies with lemon or lime dressing. Olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley, sea salt and lemon is a delicious option or lime, sesame oil, chilli, garlic, coconut aminos and coriander make a delicious asian infusion.

3. Baste meats or seafood in tomato puree with red onion, garlic and oven roast. Top with fresh herbs to serve.

What was your top take-away from today’s blog and what can you commit to doing in your day-to-day to improve your Vitamin C intake. M.x