Turmeric the ULTIMATE wonder spice..

We are huge fans of turmeric, it is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories.

Eastern cultures have been using it for it’s medicinal properties for centuries!

What makes it sooo A-MAZING?

Well the compound curcumin- which gives it that yellow colour..is the property that has been deemed as the ‘anti-inflammatory hero’  it helps repair damage in our cells and new re-search is even suggesting it helps the brain create new neurons! (Mercola 2016)


There is one down side to this wonder spice and that is that cucrumin (which is part of the curcuminoid family) is difficultly absorbed by the body…

But adding black pepper has been shown to increase the bodies absorption rate!

Curcumin is also fat soluble, which means it would be better absorbed with healthy fats like coconut oil/cream or whole eggs…(mmm yummm)

There are so many ways you can use it and some of the trendier options include: ‘turmeric lattes’- which you can totally make yourself with coconut milk, turmeric powder and a little honey or other natural sweetener. ‘turmeric shots’- with fresh ginger and lemon juice have also been doing the rounds…POTENT but oh soo good!

Winter calls for warming foods so why not try putting it in a home made curry/stiry-fry with coconut milk or cream?

And don’t forget it really is the ultimate brain food ;)!

S & M.x


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