The truth behind your gut issues and 3 ways you can rebalance

The gut health craze has swept the wellness industry over the last 5-10 years and it seems with good reason. The old medical paradigm of treating symptoms really isn’t cutting it and that’s why so many are looking at what’s happening on the inside for answers.

It was nearly 2,500 years ago that Hippocrates said all dis-ease starts in the gut, which is a fascinating concept in its self. But what actually causes the imbalance to begin with?

Having been in the dis-ease boat myself, I know from experience that it is a myriad of things. Ranging from our diet, to other lifestyle factors like movement (too much and to little) nutrition (under and overeating or not eating enough nutrient dense foods) joy (or lack there of), H20, sleep, purpose and of course our thoughts.

Now, I want to zoom out a little here because all of these things have something in common and that is that engaging in them (or not) can either bring us into alignment or not. When we take care of ourselves it feels good and when we don’t it doesn’t.

Alignment feels good, non-alingment doesn’t. It’s really that simple, however I want to take you a little deeper by applying the universal laws of the law of vibration and the law of attraction to these concepts. Understanding the why is so much more powerful and it’s something once mastered here you can apply to any other area of your life.

So, let’s start with the law of vibration. The ‘Law of Vibration’ is the law that governs all things into being and it states that nothing is in fact solid, everything is simply energy vibrating at a particular frequency. The human senses (of sight, touch, hear, smell and taste) can only perceive this energy as ‘matter’ or ‘physical objects’ which is why we interpret them in this way.

Everything in our physical reality from people, to experiences and things carries a vibration. However, not everything has the same vibration. This leads us to the “Law of attraction” and the notion that like attracts like.

Basically we can only experience that which we are a vibrational match to and for. So, if we are practicing consistent lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions it will manifest in our experience. The same can be said for higher vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions.

Now, when it comes to physical dis-ease it is simply an indication that we are doing/thinking things that are bringing us out of alignment be it through the food we’re eating, the people we’re hanging out with, the jobs we’re doing etc.

How then can we change our experience?

Well we simply need to practice deliberately calibrating our vibration through choosing to think, do and say things that make us feel good. Which shifts the focus away from what is and allows our inner and outter being to synchronise.

Here are 3 simple ways you can begin doing that right now:

1. Appreciation- write a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, this can be anything from the cup of coffee you drank this morning to the warm shower you take before bed.

2. Choose food that you enjoy- whilst still allowing it to meet your nutritional needs and really immerse yourself in the experience by bringing your awareness to the sensations you experience. e.g the different flavours of sweet, sour, salty etc.

3. Movement in nature- this is one of the simplest ways to up level and I’m not going to give you any strategies for this other then to do it and experience it for yourself.

Remember that any imbalance is merely a sign of alignment and all you need to do to begin rebalancing is to practice realigning!


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