My top 6 essential oils for low tox living

If you’ve been part of my tribe for a while you’ll know that I have a passion for living well. To me wellness is more then just physical vitality, it’s equally wellness in our relationships, connections and finances. So, today I thought I’d do a little blog on the 5 essential oils I use for low tox living. Because when we minimise our toxic burden we create space for experiencing those things I touched on earlier.

It might surprise you to know that what we put on our bodies and in our homes can actually have more of an impact on our physical wellbeing then what we put in our bodies. When we ingest things our body goes through a natural detoxification process that removes anything it doesn’t need. Yet when we put things on our skin it travels directly into the bloodstream and bypasses the gate keeper that is the liver. Now, when we do this consistently and over burden the body with other lifestyle factors like stress, poor eating, lack of movement, sleep, fun and connection we make it’s ability to thrive a lot more challenging and that’s where I want to highlight how using oils can replace the need for conventional products.

I’ve broken the oils up into personal care and home care categories:

Personal care:

1. Frankincense: this guy is definitely in my top 3 essential oils of all time and makes a regular appearance in my oil use. The versatility and potency of this oil still amazes me, it does wonders for skin, support inflammation and cell oxygenation. Adding it to a home made face serum with the likes of lavender and ylang ylang will bring your skin a lustrous, hydrating glow (combine with a carrier oil like jojoba). I also take it internally with a drop under my tongue or press into the upper pallet of my mouth to support oxygenation and inner strength- but of course seek out guidance if you are new to the oils as they are potent plant extracts.

2. Lavender: your go to for wound care, cuts, bites, stings, sunburn, relaxation and sleep. So many boxes to be ticked with this beauty. Check out my instagram “essential oils highlight reel” for a nourishing DIY after sun recipe.

3. Copaiba: this is another potent oil for the skin and be particularly supportive for breakouts or blemishes. Check out this article by Dr Axe for more info.

Home care:

1. Tea tree oil: I love using tea tree oil in my homemade cleaning spray by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water and 20 drops of tea tree. With its antibacterial properties it makes a great all round home cleaner. Oh and to give it a delicious aroma mix with either peppermint, lavender or lemon.

2. Lemon: This is one of the most cost effective versatile oils in my opinion. Add it to cooking, water, washing, home made cleaning products and diffusion. It’s another highly antibacterial oil.

3. Peppermint: want a natural way to keep away the creepy crawlies? Insects hate peppermint oil so spraying it in the corners of each room around the house is a great preventative.

That rounds out the top 6 and now you might be wondering how can I get my hands on these babies?? Well, you’re in luck because not only can I guide you to where to find them I can also help you score 25% off these beauties simply send an e-mail to with subject: EO 25% off.

Once you experience the power of oils you’ll wonder how you ever did life with out them ;)! M.x

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