Are your thoughts the reason you’re not thriving?

When it comes to our physical wellbeing it’s important we look at the ‘whole’ picture. Not just the obvious factors like nutrition, movement, sleep and H20. We need to equally consider things like joy, connection, purpose and the beliefs/thoughts we’re thinking on a day-to-day basis.

Years ago I was the typical ticking the boxes kinda gal, I was moving my body daily, I was eating all the ‘right’ things, I was hustling to get my career moving and for the most part I liked where I was heading and thought that what I was doing would make me healthier- BUT truth be told I didn’t love it. I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy in my own body and I yearned for a more heart centred life. So whilst I was doing everything I could think of to support myself physically I kept falling short. I constantly felt like I was a hamster running on the wheel of life at some body else’s pace. I tried sooo hard to ‘fix’ things that I didn’t realise the most important piece of this puzzle was missing. Which was, what I was thinking and how I was feeling.

The very notion that there was something to ‘fix’ was why my experience wasn’t changing. My attention was so fixated on where I was that there was absolutely no space for anything else. Of course the universe always yields what we’re ready for and not long after I’d had a heart to heart with a client about a book called “You can heal your Life” by Louise Hay, I strolled into a book store and it literally fell off the shelf in front of me.

After that book my awareness grew rapidly, I began to see how I’d created everything I’d been experiencing. The knowing that I had the power to change was equal parts exhilarating and daunting. I had a few stumbles (and falls) whilst finding my new vibrational set point but those experiences are what allow me to do the work I do now, I get what it’s like to be living in a body and life that doesn’t feel vital or aligned to what you truly desire. But having changed my own reality through changing my habit and thoughts I know its possible.

So, where to start? Well I believe it all starts with awareness, what’s working and what isn’t? I’m going to invite you to do an exercise in this next section, you’ll need a blank piece of paper before going any further.

Once you’ve got your piece of paper draw a line down the middle, write those two phrases “What’s working and what isn’t” then begin making a list. Once you’ve written the list ask yourself which you give most of your focus? A or B?

To create change we need to bring more focus to the solutions for the things that aren’t working then focusing on them as they are. The next step then becomes: “What can we do to change the things that aren’t working?” write a list of them on a seperate page. Then pick one of these to action in the next 7 days, you can follow this process again and again.

Change is all about the small incremental things we do day-in-day out and it’s something we explore in more depth in our e-book “Life By Design” e-book.