Oral care 101!

Good oral hygiene is obviously key in keeping our pearly whites shining bright but did you know that it’s also where our digestion starts!

Amazing right?

The bacteria that live in our guts extend all the way up into our mouths (and beyond) and aid in the production of saliva and other enzymes necessary for the breakdown of food.

If we’re experiencing things like bacterial imbalances it will extend to out mouths, so ensuring we’re taking care of our teeth, gums, tongues and surrounding tissues is super important!!

We do however want to steer clear of conventional, chemical laden products that we’re likely to find at the supermarket!

So we thought we’d share some of our favourite alternatives!

Organic natural, herbal based products are equally if not more effective and don’t come with all the potential health risks.

Two of our go to’s are:

1. Red sealtoothpaste

2. The Divine-Tooth moose

What we brush our teeth with is also important and we absolutely love the eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes (that literally decompose) infused with charcoal for enhanced cleaning 😉

Flossing is another must and is obviously right up there along side brushing because it helps keep the plaque at bay (which weakens the enamel when it builds up).

Now we’ve left the best for last because tongue scraping is a massive health hack if you’re consistent- particularly first thing in the morning as it aids detoxification and physical removal of bacteria.

We love Dr Tungs- stainless steel scraper

Remember wellness starts within so looking after your insides will absolutely show on the outside!

What are your favourite go to natural oral care products? We’d love to hear- S & M.x