Talking all things LOVE with Patch Thompson

With today being the ‘day of love’ we figured lets not just make it about one day, we believe LOVE should be celebrated EVERYDAY ๐Ÿ˜‰ and with that in mind our theme for the rest of Feb is all about leading, loving and creating from our heart space.

To kick things off we caught up with the beautiful Patch Thompson (who FYI is one of the most divine beams of light gracing the Yoke Yoga studios of Melbourne and Torquay + a true soul sister of sorts) her jam is literally all things yoga, Chinese medicine and ancient yogic philosophy…Patch is going to be a regular around here over the coming months and will be sharing a monthly segment on all things yoga and full of simple, delicious tips to bring more yogi goodness into your day-to-day and todays theme dives into the heart!

Let’s pass it over to Patch…

“In my eyes, the Heart Chakra is one of the most powerful energies in our body. It is said that the first three chakra and the last three chakra energy meet in anahata, which is why we physically and emotionally feel so much in the heart!ย 

When anahata energy is balanced we are compassionate, empathetic, self loving and open minded. We feel the abundance of opportunity within and are open to its power. However, an imbalance can shift us emotionally. Feeling isolated and judgmental all the time could be a sign of deficiency, an excess on the other hand could see you feeling desperate for attention and experiencing emotions such as jealousy..being on either extreme means the imbalance is dominant..

So how can we keep our heart chakra balanced?

Here are my tips:

1. Meditation. Meditation has helped me understand how i habitually think, react and feel. Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit says ” Your first love must be with yourself ” and a good meditation practice opens the pathway to this.ย 

2. Listen inwardly and observe. This leads on from meditation as you begin to really get to know yourself. The challenge here is to simply listen and watch. If you feel a strong emotion coming up, practice observing that emotion before reacting. You can apply this to any situation in life, though its a toughy!

3. Yoga. I love yoga! I teach, live and breath it. Back bends like camel pose, cobra, wheel and bridge are particularly great for bursting open the heart and energising anahata. It allows us to lean into vulnerability and sitting with vulnerability invites us into the space of growth.

4. Have fun with those that make you happy! This keeps our heart full, balanced and joyous.

In the spirit of all things love we invite you to commit to 3 acts of kindness for the next 3 days which exude the energy of love…it can be as simple as offering a smile to a stranger, holding the door for someone, letting someone go in front of you in the queue or leaving your partner a love note. The more love we give the more we recieve and we believe the world needs even more of that :)!

S, M and P.x

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