Stop fighting for your limitation

One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Hicks is “Stop fighting for your limitation”. It’s simple, concise and oh so potent. The thing with that statement is however, that many of us don’t even realise we’re doing it.

We love to justify things and reinforce our limitations, because the physical- taste it, touch it, see it, smell it reality shows us it is so. But what if the focus on our current experience is the very thing that is stopping it from changing?

How is that possible? Well, talking about our undesirable experiences, lacks and perceived short-falls keeps us a vibrational match for those things. As much as we’d like to rationalise our existence as ‘physical’ it’s far from the truth. Everything physical is first and foremost vibrational, which means it’s energy.

The universal laws of “The Law of Vibration” and “The Law of attraction” are the simplest ways of putting these into context.

I cover this in depth in our new E-book “Life By Design” but will still unpack it in this post. So, let’s start with “The Law of Vibration”, this is the law that governs all things into being. It states that everything physical is first and foremost energetic. It’s just that our human senses can only interpret it as tangible.

The second law I want to bring attention to is “The Law of Attraction” which states that like attracts like. Basically our vibration attracts experiences, people and circumstances that match it. So, if we’re thinking lower vibrational thoughts about lack, dissatisfaction, fear, things we don’t like etc. then we’ll experience various things in our reality that reflect that back to us. The same can be said for higher vibrational thoughts.

This is why being deliberate with what we’re choosing to justify and focus on is so important when manifesting change. So, what can we do to positively influence our vibration? Well anything that makes us feel good- movement, music, play, friends, self-care. I think you get the gist.

All we need to do is practice feeling good- it’s that simple! We’ve got a whole bunch or practical exercises and tools in our e-book “Life By Design” if you feel you need a little support in realigning but that’s all it takes to change the momentum of what we attract.

As the new vibration solidifies we’ll invite in the right people, we’ll know what action to take and it will continue to up-level from there. So, to close what are 3 things you can do this week to support you back into that high vibrational place that aligns you with the energy of what you truely desire?

Share them with me in the comments and let it be the first step of re-alignment!