“I am two of the most powerful words you’ll ever use” Wayne Dwyer.

We all have internal dialogue, stories we tell ourselves based on past experience, relationships and circumstances- and it is possible to take on stories that aren’t even our own…

But the exciting thing is that we don’t have to stay in them…see these thoughts and feelings have the power to create our reality, so if you think in a way that doesn’t serve you e.g. i’m not smart enough, or money doesn’t come to me easily etc we condition our external circumstances to reflect exactly that…

And guess what? ‘The itty bitty shitty committee’ (the internal dialogue that doesn’t serve us) loves that because it will continue telling you that you’re not smart enough or worthy of making the money you desire etc, which just keeps the cycle going.

So how do we get out of these stories? Well thats where we come in, we use techniques and strategies that identify the root cause and from there you’re able to change the story…we arm you with knowledge and information to make positive lifestyle choices and set you up to become your maximum you!

Another simple technique you can use at the beginning of each day are affirmations or mantras, we love the I am…mantras that the late Wayne Dwyer swore by, changing how you think is no different to changing your physical body shape..

It requires exercise and commitment, the more consistent you are the more amazing the result.

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We can’t wait to help you create the health and life success you desire!

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