11 practices to up your self care game

The self-care movement has been gaining traction over the last few years and it’s something I’m all for, especially since I’ve experienced what happens when we don’t prioritise giving ourselves some love. In my bodybuilding days I well and truly burnt the candle at both ends. I trained 6 days a week (sometimes 2 sessions a day during prep) ran my own personal training business- which came with the crazy before and after hours all whilst attempting to grow another business along the side. It affected my physical wellbeing big time and eventually I had to make the conscious choice to start giving back more then I was taking (after my body began to physically break down).

Now a days self-care is a non-negotiable for me and I am able to give sooo much more in comparison to when I was only taking from my body. I have the energy to invest into all the things that delight and excite me- including the people I love. So today I wanted to share 11 of my favourite simple self-care practices anyone can apply.

1. Go for a walk in nature- simple and it doesn’t cost a thing- Research shows there are actually amazing health benefits from being outdoors, especially when we immerse ourselves in places surrounded by lots of trees and foliage.

2. Listen to music- this is a fantastic way to instantaneously change your state- oh and we love to have a boogie while we’re at it ;)!

3. An epsom salt bath with essential oils- Lavender is one of my go to’s because Fun fact: it actually helps stimulate the pineal gland which is responsible for making and releasing the sleep hormone melatonin- which makes adding a few drops to a bath a great way to unwind and prep the body for a good nights zzzz..

4. Read a hard copy book- anything that gives us less screen time is a win but there is just something so beautiful about holding and reading a book!

5. Yoga- I know I don’t need to give you the low down on this one, you know how beneficial it is to our body, mind and soul.

6. Breath work or meditation- Learning to breathe into your diaphragm is literally a game changer and can bring your body out of fight or flight in what feels like an instant. Meditation doesn’t need an intro we know that our Nervous System benefits so much from not having any external stimulus for a few minutes. Hot tip: pop a drop of essential oil like clary sage or balance by doTERRA into the palms of your hand, rub together and inhale before beginning meditation or breath work.

7. Sauna- the ultimate in relaxation, it’s gentle on the nervous systems, aids in releasing toxins and gives you a deeply satisfying sweat. Let those cares melt away.

8. DIY facial- looking after our skin from the outside in and inside out is such a delicious feeling and who doesn’t love glowing skin right?

9. Buy some flowers for your office or home- there’s something so beautiful about the uplifting energy of fresh blooms!

10. Have a sleep in and start the day SLOW…and for the mammas out there ask your man to take the lead with the kiddies in the am, even if it’s just 20mins longer then normal!

11. Too round out our top 11 is get creative: colouring in, painting, pottery, what ever resonates, when we use the right side of our brain it puts us into a state of calm.

Remember when our cup is full we have SOOO much more to give and we want that for all of you!


P.s What’s your favourite self-care practice?? Share with me in the comments!

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