Self care is not selfish

Looking after ourselves can easily slip down the list of priorities, especially when we’re juggling the multiple roles of modern day woman- wife, sister, daughter, mother, friend, career woman, grandma, aunty and volunteer.

But we’re here to tell you “you matter” and looking after yourself matters!

Because the thing is we can’t possibly give authentically or sustainably from an empty cup and when we don’t fill ourselves up first that’s exactly what happens.

The cup runs dry and it’s easy to fall into the frame of mind where “you never have time for yourself” or “you don’t want to let others down” but the truth is theres something else going on.

How many of you would first serve those at work, your family, friends and all the other ‘priorities’ before taking time out for yourself?

It’s something we see all too often and it breaks our hearts to see many of them not believing they are worthy of their own love.

Seeking validation from others through over giving and not making space for you will never fill the void of self-love, you’ll always feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the deal or you may even resent giving because you don’t have anything left for yourself.

We’ve both been there at different stages in our lives and it can be uncomfortably challenging to balance the giving scales but it’s a necessity if we want to live life from our Maximum You!

When we give our selves space to fill up first we give from the space of more the enough and thats the place we experience more love, kindness, compassion and abundance in all its forms.

So we’ve put together 11 of our favourite self-care activities to get you started:

1. Go for a walk in nature
2. Listen to your favourite song whilst cooking a nutritious meal
3. Get some essential oils and Epson salts for a nice, long bath
4. Spend time reading
5. Do a yoga class
6. Breathe or meditate
7. Get a massage
8. Give yourself an at home fascial
9. Buy some flowers
10. Have a sleep in if you need it
11. Do something creative- colouring in, painting, pottery anything that requires you to use your imagination

It doesn’t have to be super time consuming or even over indulgent but it does have to be non-negotiable.

For the next 30 days we want you to do one small thing for yourself every single day in the form of self-care, note how you feel at the beginning of the 30 days- are you overworked, tired? Stressed? You get the gist.

Then at the end of the 30 day’s write how your feeling, has anything improved?

Self-care is just like learning any new skill it takes practice and the more you do it the better you get.

Repeat after us:

I am worthy of my love ;)!

S & M.x