Reset your body, with these five liver boosting foods

Christmas has once again been and gone and what a special time of year it is!

We hope you got to enjoy every minute of it and let the joy of connection fill your heart cup to the brim- we know we certainly did!!

With the festivities of course comes delicious food (and you know we’re all about yummy, nutritious, deliciousness) but if you over indulged a little we’ve got a few little superfoods to help you re-set!

When we over indulge our liver gets put under a lot more strain, so we need to give the little guy a little more TLC with nutritious foods!

Our top 5 go to’s are the following:

1. Leafy Greens- Are a MUST because they’re high in plant chlorophylls that help absorb any toxicities floating around in the blood.

Leafy greens are also able to neutralize the negative affects of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides and other toxins. Not to mention their high vitamin and mineral content!

Lightly sauté them in some garlic, coconut oil, pink salt and pepper or add to a smoothie with some coconut water, cucumber, kale, celery, lemon and ginger.

2. Garlic- this is such an awesome medicinal herb- for everything from colds, flus, viruses and even liver cleansing.

It helps stimulate liver enzymes that allow the body to flush out toxins and contains high amounts of allicin and selenium, which are both extremely beneficial for liver cleansing.

3. Avocado- This delicious super-food is full of nutritional goodness and aids the body to create a compound called glutathione- which is needed to cleanse the liver from harmful toxins.

4. Lemons and Limes- Citrus fruits are packs with vitamin C, which helps the body turn toxic into substances into a form that can be absorbed by water.

Add to dressings or make up a batch of lemon, lime and mint water for a refreshing liver loving thirst quencher.

5. Walnuts- these crunchy, earthy nuts are a not just a delicious addition to a fresh salad- they’re also nutritional powerhouses!

Walnuts contain large amounts of an amino acid called arginine, that aid the liver in detoxifying ammonia- which your Kidneys will be super grateful for!

These guys are also high in glutathione (like avocado) and contain omega-3 fatty acids which support proper liver cleansing.

*Image via Pinterest*