How we navigate change is always a choice

Choice and change are two of the only true constants in life and what we do with that realisation can make all the difference.

We’ve worked with hundreds of women and often when they openly share about feeling stuck or experiencing “blocks” it’s because they’re holding resistance around something thats changed (or is changing) or they’re holding the belief that they don’t have a choice.

Both of these make us feel “stuck”..and of course we aren’t exempt from this…We’ve been there too and at times our egos try to lure us back there..

BUT these days we (as do our clients) have the awareness and a whole arsenal of tools to let us move beyond this place!

So we thought this was a perfect topic to explore on the blog and given that Autumn is the season associated with letting go of that which no longer serves us, it seems even more fitting (although Australia is turning on the weather at the moment!)

To kick things off we want to take you through a little exercise…

Grab a pen and paper and write down this question:

How do I respond when life doesn’t follow the course of my ‘expectations’?

Yep, we just went real deep, real quick but it’s the best way to bring back flow ;)!

Then just sit with it for a moment and let what ever comes to mind first be what you write down- The trick is to not think, let it simply meet you.

Go through that process until nothing new surfaces and just move it to the side.

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a little while you’ll know that we believe everything begins and ends with awareness.

Once we become aware of our patterns, our triggers and beliefs we create space for choice and can allow our selves to move from resistance into acceptance and that’s where our attitude influences positive change.

Let’s go back to our notebook..

What emotions came up for you?

Do you get angry? Maybe you get sad? Maybe you withdraw and suppress emotion?

There is no right or wrong with this exercise it merely allows us to look in the mirror and shine light on how we respond without judgement.

Anything that limits us or blocks us comes from one place and that is the place of fear…

So go back to your note book and ask yourself this next question what is it that you’re fearful of?

Of not feeling good enough? Of not being accepted? Of not succeeding? Or perhaps of succeeding?

It might feel a little confronting but spending time in this self enquiry is so EMPOWERING!

When we recognise fear it stops being able to call the shots.

Now leave the notebook again…and take a couple of deep breaths, thank yourself for letting these things show up- because you can now make a choice:

Keep responding with resistance, the mentality of this shouldn’t be happening or why me etc etc (aka:fear)

or move into acceptance, let it go and explore what you can do differently?

To round off this exercise we always like to finish with mantras that feel empowering, so once again look at your notebook and the emotions that you feel when change and ultimately fear arises and create mantras that balance these fears out.

For example:

If you suppress emotions when change occurs because you don’t want to be vulnerable or ‘weak’…flip it around to something like this:

” I am confident in expressing my emotions and vulnerability, as I know it is indeed a strength not a weakness”

The words we use and the thoughts we think are creating our reality from moment to moment..

When we choose to embrace change with positivity and high vibrational thoughts, feelings and words we create an opportunity for a completely different experience- even if it does challenge us!

Give this exercise a go, as always let us know what you think!

S & M.x