Low toxify your body, mind and home with these 10 essential oils

I still remember the first time I ever came across an essential oil, it was in a candle store. Needless to say that this was the synthetic kind of oil, not the ideal choice but it did spark my curiosity. A few years later, in a health food store I stumbled across the real deal. I’d read a few different articles about how something like eucalyptus could be useful for chest infections. I didn’t give it a lot of thought and simply started using it when ever those symptoms came on. Then came the discovery of doTERRA, I was well into my wellness adventure.

I had transitioned many of my conventional personal care products to natural, organic solutions. However, hadn’t really stopped to think about my home care products or how the oils could support me emotionally. As with all new things the learning is a process. So bit by bit I began researching, listening, reading and discovering how I could use them to my full advantage. I successfully transitioned ALL of my home & self-care, with essential oils.

I was also able to incorporate them into my mindfulness practices and it is empowering to know I have these babies in my wellness toolkit. This knowledge is now something I love sharing with others. Which has sparked todays blog, I’m sharing my top 10 oils to transition to natural solutions for body, mind and home.

1. Lemon essential oil: I’m a sucker for anything citrus so lemon was naturally going to make the list. This guy gets some serious brownie points for its versatility, you can add it to a home cleaning solution with white vinegar and tea tree- since it’s highly antimicrobial. It also packs a nutrient punch so adding it into things like lemon tartlets or warm water in the AM is a great way to get a concentrated dose of lemony goodness.

2. Lavender essential oil: Think of this as the soother of the oil kingdom, her fragrant aroma helps to calm our nervous system (making it great before bed) our skin when applied topically (e.g. after a burn).

3. OnGuard essential oil: This is my go to natural disinfectant and when ever I feel I’m coming down with something I pop a drop in a carrier oil and apply to my body. The combination of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary make it extremely powerful for keeping opportunistic critters at bay.

4. Tea tree essential oil: Meet anti-fungal in a bottle. It’s effective for environmental and physical fungal conditions. Diffuse, blend or apply topically you’ll use it for everything from home cleaning to skin care.

5. Oregano essential oil: This guy is best known for its culinary uses but its so much more then a flavour enhancer, Oregano is a fantastic remedy for supporting the immune system when viruses, bacterial and fungal infections are lingering.

6. DigestZen essential oil: This is such a powerful one to have on hand for tummy troubles. It can remedy bloating, gas and other digestive discomforts like cramping. Apply a drop in some fractionated coconut oil straight onto the abdomen.

7. Easy Air essential oil: Move over seasonal allergies, sniffles and colds this is your one stop respiratory support! I love adding a drop to the basin of my shower if I feel I need a little airway clearing (just be mindful of your sensitive eyes).


8. Frankincense essential oil: The holy oil, my go to for grounding and meditation. I also love using it on my skin and it’s often referred to as collagen in a bottle!


9. Peppermint essential oil: Extremely cooling and invigorating which makes it great for concentration, focus and pre-exercise as it aids in healthy circulation.

10. Ice-blue essential oil: If you put your body through its physical paces then this is a must have! It’s the natural deep heat and is wonderful for soothing muscle tension.

To get your hands on your very own home essentials starter kit click the link here and select sign up and save. Fill in your details, choose the home essentials kit and I’ll be in touch to organise your complimentary intro call! M.x




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