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Our step by step guide that will allow you to transform your FEARS in to opportunities for transformation- whether you desire to create more LOVE, JOY, WEALTH or HEALTH this E-book gives you the foundation to begin exploring the beliefs and blocks that may be stopping you from attracting what you desire most- Oh and of course once we CLEAR those FEARS you’ll be moving further on the adventure to your MAXIMUM YOU!

Very impressed by the Mother, Daughter team! They both complement each other beautifully and really enjoyed the flow of the afternoon, I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into their ‘Maximum You’

- Angela S


Healthy Gut, Perky Butt was created based on Max’s health adventure, at 22 she had severe kidney and live dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, an absent menstrual cycle and a multitude of other imbalances that had been accumulating since child hood. 

She knew she needed to re-evaluate and chose to equip herself with the knowledge and tools to not only transform her health but also her life. 

Over the next 3 years she was exposed to various mentors, healing modalities and courses to support her health restoration which all lead her back to the gut…and how any dysfunction stems from this place…it also showed her that our emotional and energetic body are not separate from the physical and we need to support our health from this place. 

The blend of personal story, industry expert contributions and evidence based information will open your awareness to what you can do to better support a healthy gut, a perky butt and ultimately lead life from your MAXIMUM YOU!

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Your one stop resource for all things FOOD we dive into philosophies, rituals, recipes and recommended gut loving resources (think books, documentaries, social media platforms.) to support and nourish your body the way nature intended ;)!- Because wellness begins within AND a strong, vibrant body will bring you another step closer to living life in your MAXIMUM YOU!