Gut health 101

Gut health has been a hot topic for while now and there is so much new research surfacing on the daily!

So what makes it so important- It only digests our food right?

Yes, it definitely does digest our food, but there’s a little more too it then that!

Our guts actually host 100’s of millions of nerve cells that communicate directly with our brain, which has earned it the title of the bodies ‘second brain’.

Our gut also plays host to a vast array of micro-organisms which create colonies known as microbiota aka bacteria.

The various strains of bacteria (micro biome) that make up these microbiota affect the quality of health we experience and over the last few decades research is indicating that imbalances such as the under population of various strains can actually be linked to various diseases.

It’s pretty amazing how sophisticated the human body is and there is a lot we can do in relation to diet and lifestyle that can help support the health of our bacteria and ultimately gut!

1. Drink enough H20!!!- This is sooo important when it comes to proper digestion and proper waste excretion. Did you know that a contributing factor to constipation is dehydration? Kefir Coconut water is another great way to hydrate particularly after exercise!

2. Eat enough fibre- leafy greens are an obvious one but prebiotic foods are important too (we’ll touch on them more soon).

If you suffer from digestive discomforts like constipation and flatulence regularly you may want to look into supplementing with the likes of slippery elm, psyllium husk, flax etc! Max had great success using Healthy Fibre by nutrition diagnostics but obviously consult with your health care professional before self supplementing ;)!

3. CHEW your food WELL!!- Digestion actually starts in the mouth and when we chew our food properly the body produces enzymes in our saliva that help us break down food, so taking time for our meals isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity!

Plus we love that it allows us to practice present moment awareness, we’re so fortunate to live in a part of the world where we have access to nutritious, delicious food and taking a moment to recognise that is equally powerful!

4. Movement- this can help to initiate and support regular bowel movements (which also supports detoxification)

5. Incorporate both Pre and Probiotic rich foods-

Leeks, onions, garlic and asparagus are just some of the prebiotic rich foods you can add to your diet that help feed the cells of the colon to ensure proper digestion (1)

We love creating our own fermented foods like Coconut Kefir yoghurt, Beet Kvass and Krauts.

These foods are teaming with good bacteria that help support and restore balance (but if its not something you already consume regularly start small and work your way up) check out Kultured Wellness for DIY starter cultures.

6. Reduce chemical load on the body think home care, personal care and plastics! ALL of these products have the ability to kill of the good and over burden the bodies detoxification systems which can create the perfect habitat for the wrong kind of bacteria.

These are just some of super simple tips you can bring into your day-to-day (of course there a loads more) but choose 1-2 new things you can implement weekly for the next 30 days and as always take note how did you feel at the beginning and how did you feel at the 30 day mark.

What changes did you experience?

We’d love to hear what you do to support the health of your gut?

Oh and before we forget make sure you’ve signed up to the #mysisterhood via the pop up on our page, Max’s book Healthy gut, Perky Butt will be out in May and we’ve got some exciting things planned to celebrate so you definitely want to be on that list!!

S & M.x