5 reasons to nourish with the seasons

I talk a lot about the importance of food diversity when it comes to our nutrition choices. So, today I’m sharing my top 5 reasons why moving with the seasons is so supportive for our wellbeing.

It’s hard to imagine a time where we didn’t have access to most produce year round, a time where we couldn’t just jump into our cars and drive down to the local grocery store. Yet, it really wasn’t that long ago that this wasn’t the norm. Our ancestors didn’t have the conveniences of modern technology, which meant they had to move with the seasons.

These modern conveniences of course come with many benefits including the ability to sustain ourselves during the cooler months. But eating in season produce has an important affect on our wellbeing.

1. It ensures that we’re eating locally sourced produce, a big thumbs up for the planet and our local economy.

2. Our gut micro-biome changes with the seasons and certain strains begin to thrive at different times of year to support the break down of in season produce. (If we don’t move with the flow of the seasons we can actually mess with this natural rhythm).

3. The cooler winter months we look for warming, comforting meals which are when roots thrive offering us grounding. The warmer summer months fruits and watery vegetables thrive to offer us cooling and hydration.

4. During the different seasons foods yield higher vitamins and minerals relative to what the body needs more of at various times. For example; cruciferous vegetables thrive during the winter months. This family of vegetables has been know to support the liver. Given that during the cooler months bugs are more prevalent the liver may have to work a little harder then other times of the year.

5. It keeps us connected to the rhythms and cycles of mother nature.

As you can see in season eating truly benefits our wellbeing in so many ways. If you want to know what’s in season when I’ve added my free in season produce list below!

. This list comes directly from my e-book “Nutrition for Radiance”.

Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear what you’re favourite winter/summer meal staples are!

All my love,


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