Disconnect to reconnect. Mother, Daughter

Date & Time: COMING SOON

The relationship that is mother daughter is one of the most powerful and influential relationships we will ever experience whether we realise it or not, it has the power to pave the way for all relationships that follow it and even how we show up in the world around us.  

Our beliefs and values are often shaped early on in life and our parents or guardians are of course the people we spend the most time with as we begin to navigate our way on this adventure. 

How we view the world, how we parent, how we feel about material things, our values and so many other aspects of our conscious and subconscious mind influence our reality and our ability to live life from our Maximum You.  

In 2008 we experienced this first hand, we were best friends, super close but the separation of our family unit brought 5 years of disconnect, soul searching and courage to claim our side of the street. 

5 years on from that we have completely re-built our relationship and have a deep connection beyond anything we could’ve hope for…our mission now is to teach Mother’s and Daughter’s the tools to love themselves and connect at a level that makes one another feel supported, heard and most importantly like they can create the life they truly desire- walking side by side. 

Our daughters are our future and we have the beautiful role of holding the space for them whilst they too can be our greatest teachers.

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