Life by design

Date & Time: Saturday, September 29, 1:00pm-3:30pm
Location: Torquay, Victoria address TBA

Is the life you're living one that reflects your own design? Or is it the life design that is fed to you by societal norms, standards or loved ones? We've found ourselves in that second category too, until we realised that we could live based on what WE wanted. After years of stumbling, learning and growing we can confidently say we've uncovered how to move from our individual centres. Which means we know how to tap into that unique ability and have now supported 100's of women in finding theirs too, hence our desire to create our life by design masterclass. 

What will you learn?

  • Insights into the 4 pillars that influence our ability to create life by design 
  • Tools and strategies around self-care 
  • Knowledge and practices to shift your mindset 
  • An understanding around the universal laws and how they influence our experiences 
  • The opportunity for Q's & A's with Sarita and Maxime. 


  • Soul sister connections 
  • Organic choccy + snacks
  • A workbook 
  • Door prize 

Life by Design e-book available here!


I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing workshop...I met some beautiful people and learnt how to shift those stubborn fears! These two women are incredible and I couldn't recommend their workshops highly enough... Life changing! Thanks for having me!

- Kate Lozanovski “Nourish your Life”

Very impressed by the Mother, Daughter team! They both complement each other beautifully and really enjoyed the flow of the afternoon, I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into their ‘Maximum You’

- Angela S

I love that the workshop never felt clinical, it had a great sense of flow within enough structure to make sure we got the tools we needed to create our ‘Maximum You’ and clear those fears.

- Melissa G

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