Unlock your Maximum You

Date & Time: COMING SOON

Fear that 4 letter word that stops us from creating, attracting and living our deepest desires…Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection or even fear of love it all acts as a barrier and reconditions the ideas of lack, scarcity and not enough which keep our dreams exactly that…

Just dreams…

Our “Clear the Fear“ programs, workshops and resources are designed to give you the tools to transform any fear into an opportunity for transformation!

We guide you through this transformation step by step, giving you the insights and strategies on to apply this in any area: Love, Life, or Play!

Abundance is your birth right and living life from your Maximum You is exactly what’s going to get you there, so STOP playing SMALL it’s time to clear the fear!


I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing workshop...I met some beautiful people and learnt how to shift those stubborn fears! These two women are incredible and I couldn't recommend their workshops highly enough... Life changing! Thanks for having me!

- Kate Lozanovski “Nourish your Life”

Very impressed by the Mother, Daughter team! They both complement each other beautifully and really enjoyed the flow of the afternoon, I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into their ‘Maximum You’

- Angela S

I love that the workshop never felt clinical, it had a great sense of flow within enough structure to make sure we got the tools we needed to create our ‘Maximum You’ and clear those fears.

- Melissa G