Autumn Yoga flow, with Patch Thompson

Autumn is the season of shedding, the transition between warm and cold, light and dark. It’s a magical time of year that delights all the senses the changing of leaves, the smell of wood fires rekindling, the cool, crisp dusk and dawns and of course the tantalising taste of spices like cinnamon. When exploring the transition of season and how we could support our sisters we though it would be fitting to have our fav yogi share some of her wisdom and tips on how to nurture our bodies into this season, so let’s pass it over to the beautiful Patch!

“As we transition into the cooler months of Autumn, it is important to ensure that your body is transitioning too. This may mean slightly adapting your habits like physical activity, food and even sleep to align with the movements of the universe. In summer, we find ourselves very ‘yang’. Enjoying being outdoors more, eating cooling foods, sleeping a little less due to the hours of day light and basically using up all our Qi that we had stored up from the previous winter and spring. Have you ever noticed that by the time March comes around, we feel a little depleted? That we need that extra hour of sleep in the morning? This is actually our body and the universe communicating that it is time to retreat and re nourish.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs and Large Intestines are the organs of the Autumn season. They are a yin and yang pair and need to remain balanced to ensure that we stay strong and healthy moving into the winter season. The lungs are actually known as the “delicate organ” as they are the first organ to come into contact with exterior pathogens in the colder months, hence why they need to be strong! Aligning with seasonal change is easy and exciting, and more often than not you will slide into Autumn patterns unknowingly! You might find yourself already transition into the below:

1. Begin to replace your salads and smoothies with nourishing warming foods such as cooked dinners, toasties, porridge and warm teas
2. Sleep in! Start the journey of replenishing your yang stores after the busy summer season. You will have noticed that the sun is not rising until 6.40am at the moment – again, it’s the universe trying to tell us something!
3. Practice yin over yang. This could be a yoga practice, it could be a nice long walk instead of a 10km run.
4. Enjoy this time of replenishment and your body, mind and spirit will be more content 🙂

Here is a one of my favourite little yin sequences which focuses on the Lungs and Large Intestine channels:

1. Anahata pose (also known as puppy dog)
2. Thread the needle pose
3. Sphinx
4. Supta buddha konasana on the bolster

We can’t wait to give this juicy yin sequence a go!

Did you gain any nuggets of wisdom from this blog? If so share your top nugget below and let us know what you’d like Patch to explore next month! S & M.x

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