Is “Analysis Paralysis” keeping you stuck?

It’s not a new phrase, we’re sure you’ve heard it before, especially if you’ve been dabbling in the inner work of self-progression and with sooo much information out there of course it can be tempting to be lured into the overwhelm that can rear its little head when we’re beginning something new or deciding on which course of action to take next.

But sometimes the best course of action to take is to simply do…so many of the sisters we work with (and we’ve been guilty of it at times to ;)) don’t take action because they’re figuring out the perfect plan, looking for the perfect course or mentor or coach or program or workshop or _______fill in blank here…so then guess what happens next?

They get lost in a tail spin of overwhelm and then the focus shifts to all the other things that aren’t working and it all starts to create the ripple effect of stuckness that made them want to make the change in the first place…

Sound familiar?

Well then we’ve got good news for you: it DOESN’T have to be! Taking a step forward toward what we want is so much easier when we actually just take the step forward, we’re not saying don’t do your research and exploration but letting it stop you from jumping in and getting it done isn’t going to take you any closer to where you want to go!

Our top 3 tips we give when it comes to moving from a to b are these:

1. Put a timeframe on it- give yourself the opportunity to do the fact-finding within a given time- a week, 2 days a month- whatever is relative to the choice your making and then once that time is up simply choose and then go for it.

2. Share it with someone that loves and supports you- accountability buddy’s are awesome and it’s something that can go both ways…plus they might even want to help you with the fact finding- remember we don’t have to do everything on our own and practicing the art of giving and allowing is sooo FREEING!!

3. Dot Points- put together a list of what you desire to attract in whatever it is your deciding on..

– What does it look and feel like?
– What kind of energy is present?
– What are the things you need it to represent to know that it is the thing you desire and then put it aside.

^^^^This is such a super simple tool and we LOVE using this ourselves too…having clarity opens the space for what we want to attract to actually make its way in! We know right who woulda thunk it?

Making a change really doesn’t have to be ‘hard’, yes it can be uncomfortable, yes it can mean the unknown (but the unknown is truly all there ever is right?) and it may even spark some fear but it’s always a choice as to whether we buy in to those small minded thoughts or simply take the plunge toward what we desire and deserve most!

Did this blog hit home?? Do you think it could benefit a sister in your life?? We’d love for you to comment and share below.

S & M.x