Clear the Fear!

Fear…we’ve all experienced it right?

It can make us feel super vulnerable, confronted and like we want to go running for the hills but what if we told you it could be your biggest catalyst to transformation- in any area of your life?

What if we reminded you that FEAR simply=


When we let our fear sit in the driver’s seat it blocks our ability to bring into fruition our intentions and disrupts the flow of our intuition.

Now, before we dive deeper into fear we wanted to make one thing clear, there is a difference between DANGER and FEAR.

Danger is very real and you should absolutely act to remove yourself from any situation that presents itself as a DANGER.

So what causes fear?

A whole myriad of things can install feelings of fear but regardless of the ‘circumstance’ that triggers it, it’s simply a projection of a past experience onto the future.

This past experience may be yours or someone else’s (that you’ve taken on as your own) and it influences our behaviour when we experience something similar to that initial experience.

For example:

The first time you had to give an oral presentation at school you forgot all your words and dropped your flashcards.

Now years later as an adult you hate public speaking, you get nervous and always think you’re going to forget what you’re talking about.

The fear you’re holding onto is being projected from the past onto the future and often when we do that we keep repeating the pattern as it reinforces how we behave.

How does it affect achieving our intentions?

It can have a HUGE impact on achieving what we say we desire because again our behaviour will reflect what we believe not necessarily what we want.

If we’re fearful of not being good enough, or not achieving x, y, z, or being in a challenging financial position, or not thinking we’ll find the ‘one’ we focus our energy and attention at a subconscious level on those things.

This again influences our behaviour and we start doing things that reinforce these fear based beliefs.

How does it affect our intuition?

It stops us from feeling and brings us deeper into thinking, this is where the analytical mind of the ego thrives and it keeps finding all of the worst case scenarios to justify the ‘fear’ and embed it further into our reality.

Anytime we operate from this place we also harden in an attempt to protect ourselves but it equally creates a disconnect from the softness and ease of flow.

What can we do about it?

Step 1 Identify it
Step 2 Explore the patterns we may be repeating
Step 3 What could we do differently?
Step 4 Put it into action

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S & M.x