My 6 favourite oils for supporting our moon cycle

Essential oils can support our bodies in so many ways from topical application on bites, stings or scratches. To diffusion for rest and nervous system restoration, there really is an oil for it all. Lately I’ve been coming across a few women who have been keen to learn about how the oils can support their bodies during that time of the month. So, on the blog today I’m sharing 6 of my favourite oils for menstruation and why.

1. Clary calm womens blend- As a proprietary blend designed to provide a soothing effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle, ClaryCalm offers cooling effects for the skin and balance for emotions (doTERRA, 2019). It contains a beautiful combination of soothing and calming oils.

2. Lavender- You know this is one of my go to oils for everything from Nervous System support, to burns cuts and bites. It’s also one of my most recommended oils for when we bleed as it is super calming.

3. Rose aka ‘The oil of love’- Rose essential oil holds a vibrational frequency of 320 MHz, making it one of the highest vibrational oils accessible to us. Rose is also (as the name suggests) symbolic with love and our body craves love and nurturing when we bleed.

4. Ylang Ylang- Another beautiful floral oil that is supportive for balancing the discomforts that may come with our monthly bleed including cramping.

5. Cypress- This guy has been known to support healthy circulation, which is why I’ve added him to the mix.

6. Balance blend- This is a one of my go to oils anytime I need to recenter. I couldn’t create this list without adding this beauty to the list. It contains the subtle tones of blue chamomile, franky and blue tansy which are all deliciouslly grounding.

There are of course many other oils we can turn for support but this gives a beautiful foundation.

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Can’t wait to support you in creating an essential oils lifestyle. M.x

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