Our top 10 Winter Hacks to keep your body fighting fit!

Well today we celebrate the last day of Autumn here in Australia and as the winter weather sets in we thought it was the perfect time to share our 10 top tips and tricks to keep your immune system fighting strong this chilly season!

So let’s dive in:

1. Drink WATER!– yes, its one of our regular tips but during the cooler months it’s easy to fall victim to dehydration, especially with the use of heating! So make sure you’re hitting your 2-3 l’s it’ll help move the toxins out and keep your body fighting fit!

2. Garlic- this doesn’t just add delicious flavour to food, it also contains powerful antimicrobial properties that will keep your immune system firing!

TIP: make sure to crush it prior to cooking as it helps stimulate allicin- which is the powerful compound responsible for making it antimicrobial (oh and if you can get some raw garlic in even better)!

3. Dose up on Vitamin C rich foods- like Kale, Broccoli and Brussel sprouts, these guys contain high levels of the vitamin, which helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells.

Tip: make sure to cook cruciferous vegetables as eating them raw can negatively influence our Thyroid function!

4. Use coconut- oil, cream or milk- this is another super powerful antimicrobial and it’s high fat content also makes it great for immune and cognitive function!

5. Get your broth and soup on- supporting the gut is soo important regardless of the time of year but since a large portion of our immune function comes from our gut supporting our body with easy to absorb nutrients is a winter must!

6. Get your pro-biotic’s in- Fermented foods are the best way to get these guys in think cultured veggies like krauts, pickles, beetroots the options are endless and this is a great way to get in all the nutrients from root veggies if you suffer digestive issues like candida. Our go to is Kultured Wellness.

7. Turmeric, ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar shots- most health food cafes sell these guys and they pack a potent punch and are loaded with bug fighting goodness! Our favourites in Melbourne are available at Urban Projuice Green St Juice

8. Steam to clear the sinuses- If you feel your coming down with the sniffles pop a drop or two of eucalyptus oil in the base of your shower and as it steams you’ll get all the medicinal benefits!

9. Get out in nature- Exploring in nature is so healing and there is plenty of research to suggest that our immune systems actually benefit from being outdoors as it also helps reduce STRESS- which is an immune suppresser if not managed. Getting into the mid-morning or afternoon sun also gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D.

10. Get a good nights sleep– we’ve all no doubt got the memo that “sleep is IMPORTANT” but prioritising shut eye in the winter months will absolutely support your immune system. Looking into an alarm that progressively wakes you up is another nifty little trick that’ll make the winter wake ups a little less abrupt!

What are your favourite winter immunity hacks?

Share with us in the comments below, we love hearing from you!

S & M.x