Upgrade your beliefs and attract more of what you want

“A belief is only a thought you keep thinking”- Abraham Hicks. Agh, the exhale that can be experienced when we land in the truth of it all. If a belief is just a thought, then know it can be changed. This is something I’ve not just learnt through teachings, it’s something I’ve come to understand through my own life experience.

I’ve held many beliefs over time that were created based on things I’d lived, on ideals others projected and on what the world at large suggested was ‘appropriate’. Yet, it didn’t feel ‘right’, I had this inclining and insatiable desire for more then what I was living.

So, I began searching, reading, learning, listening to people whose lives represented that which I desired. The thing I discovered (and innately knew) was that we all have the power to change our outter world. It simply begins with learning to harness our inner world of thought in a way that reflects expansion, love and sufficiency consciousness.

This knowing opened me too so much possibility and a deep desire to re-empower others with this knowing also. So, I wanted to share one of the processes I used to support me in the hope that it could do the same for you.

1. Acknowledge that which we desire to change. When we’re experiencing life from a place that is less then what we desire it can be easy to give it our focus but instead it would serve us better to ask what it is we do want. Is it improved health? Financial prosperity? or something else?

2. Observe how we think and talk about this desire to others (including ourselves) are we speaking about it in a way that is conducive to what we desire. Or is it coming from a place of recognising the limitation. e.g. if it’s a relationship are we making statements like relationships are hard work and all men are the same or are speaking from a place of empowerment: “relationships thrive when we give them the time and space, there are lots of great men out there”. Writing these observations down physically can be really powerful, especially when it comes to step 3.

3. Review if we are coming from a place of disempowerment how can we change it? How can we reword the thoughts we think and speak about this scenario?

4. Action begin speaking and thinking these thoughts more consistently, be gentle in this recalibration process. Posing the question “is this focusing on the positive or negative aspects of my desire” can be a great way to identify whether we’re moving in the right direction.

5. Replicate keep applying the first 4 steps, changing a belief is much like building a muscle. The more consistent we are with the exercise the stronger the muscle will grow.

Managing our thoughts really is the key to recreating our reality and attracting more of what we want.


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