5 simple tips to rewrite your story and live Life by your Design

We all have a story but the way we tell our stories will either empower or disempower us. I am all to familiar with telling stories (from the latter lense) which doesn’t create space for change. For example when I was working on restoring my health I kept imbalance alive by thinking about it regularly, I did the same thing with my relationships, career (focussing on all the things I didn’t like) and so on. Until I reached a point where my story sucked.

I knew life had more to offer me then the self-imposed misery I was experiencing. For a little while I played the blame game- blaming others, blaming myself and then blaming myself for blaming myself. But again that was just another story of limitation. Eventually that too became tiring and I was ready to do the work, the work of re-alignment. You see telling a story and being in a story are two very different things. Over the years (through my own experiences and professional work) I have discovered that the words we use and the thoughts we think are the most potent creative allies we have.

In order for things to change we need to focus on things in a way that make us feel good (or at the very least neutral). Which contradicts how many of us are taught to lead life. We only need to look at the news as an example, every day these outlets focus on what ‘has’ happened. Telling us stories about the ‘scary’ ‘undesirable’ ‘challenging’ circumstances the world is experiencing. So many of us tell our stories from this place also.

How then do we re-write our stories?

Well first and foremost stop focussing on things that are limiting. Stop watching the news is actually a great place to start. I’ve created a list of 5 actionable things you can do below.

1. Grab a piece of paper and write down these two words at the top of the page: working, not working. Then draw a line down the middle and write down all of the things that come to mind for each category. When you’re done review it and ask yourself where do I focus most of my day-to-day attention- through my words, thoughts and interactions with others?

2. Do something 3 times a day that makes you feel good. E.g. Listen to a piece of music you really like, go for a walk in nature, make yourself a tasty meal. Do your best to be fully present in each of these activities.

3. Stop telling things as they are if they’re undesirable. E.g. If you’ve had a bad experience don’t keep talking about how hard or awful it was. Make the conscious decision to let that be what was and instead play the story in your mind about how you would like it to be. E.g. I have excellent timing, everything I need is being effortlessly brought to me, I really enjoy all the people I get to interact with and so on.

4. Meditate. Creating space between our thoughts is one of the fastest ways to surpass old stories that no longer serve. A guided meditation app like one-giant mind is a wonderful place to start.

5. Let go of the need for justification and explanation. When we are able to let what was just be, we truly step into our power. There really is no need to keep re-hashing the past if it doesn’t feel good. In due time we may arrive at a place that our stories carry no charge but when we’re working on the re-write it’s best to shift our focus else where.

Changing our story and ultimately our reality takes practice but the more we do it the easier it becomes. It’s just like building a muscle. So, pick just one of these from the list and begin actioning it today. You might just be surpi

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