5 practices for making peace with your plate

I believe that: “our relationship with food says a lot about our relationship with self”. When we over eat it’s often because we’re looking for something to make us feel good. We don’t experience famine (in the West) like we used to, yet our behaviours around over indulgence stem from lack.

The idea that there is not enough time, money or love can be enough to trigger feelings of scarcity and so many turn to food to compensate (for these feelings). We choose foods that provide an instant high like chocolate, pizza or other carb/sugar laden frankenfoods. It’s a familiar story for many and one that I too found myself telling, yet it doesn’t serve us.

When we make these food choices we simply keep the cycle going because as we know food influences our emotions. My personal turning point came when my body reflected physical imbalance so loudly that I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I didn’t want food to dictate my life any longer, I wanted my food to allow me to live.

The years following required me to re-align my behaviours with my values, I needed to get clear on my why. Why was it important to me to live in a body that reflected vitality? Once that part of my puzzle became clear the question I always asked myself prior to making food choices was: “is this bringing me closer or further to where I say I want to go?” It’s a technique I have used with 100’s of amazing women and it is a testament to all change starting with awareness.

Landing in our bodies and fuelling it with nutrient rich foods is the next step to rewiring our software. I’ve listed 5 of my simple tips on a practical level below:

1. Take 5 deep belly breaths before eating, this calms the body and downgrades the nervous system which better supports digestion. It also means the body will recognise that food is coming, it’s said that it takes approx. 20mins for the body to recognise its eaten.

2. Ensure that your meals are balanced the rule of thumb I encourage is filling the majority of your plate with colourful low starch veg, followed by a palm size of protein, good quality fats like olives, coconut oil, avocado, whole eggs etc and lastly a small serving of starch. (although this can vary from person to person and isn’t needed in large quantities). For more info on macro, micro nutrients and how to build a nourishing meal you can download my e-book Nutrition for Radiance this will give you the tools to take your nourishment to the next level.

3. Chew your food well, aim for 15-20 chews per mouthful as you build your eating mindfulness muscle.

4. Get creative and add flavour through herbs, spice, un-refined sea salt and good quality fat. I believe food needs to be as delicious as it is nutritious.

5. Eat with presence, make it a habit to not have screens going whilst you’re eating. I also love encouraging the use of beautiful crockery, placemats etc to make it an experience at least once a day.

All change is possible and making peace with our plates begins with the commitment to change. Did anything in the post resonate? If so share with me in the comments. M.x

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