How to give and receive love more openly

As February 14 rolls around for another year it got me thinking about the ebbs and flows of love. It stirred a deep desire within me to share from my heart. A few years ago this date used to remind me of what I didn’t have, of this sense of ‘missing’. I yearned for someone else to fill the void it stirred within me but it never eventuated because deep down I knew only I could fill it. This is the second year where I can truly say that I am in love with loving myself. I have so much to give when I come from this space and I receive it back in spades.

Which is what this blog is really about, the dance of giving and receiving. We can only receive that which we give and we can only give that which we receive. I used to find giving SO easy but receiving not so much. Not balancing that delicate flow of inward and outward energy caused deficiency overtime. It was a beautiful lesson and now something I am so aware of balancing.

My question to you: “Do you find it easier to give or receive love?” There is no right or wrong, it’s just interesting to observe the response. Awareness of ourselves is such an empowering thing to have. It means we can change course if it doesn’t feel good.

Which ever end of the stick you hold remember that love like all things carries an energetic vibration, so we need to tune to the nourishing aspects of it to allow it flow. Our perception of what it ‘should’ look like is often the thing that hinders it from entering our experience. For example we may think that love needs to present itself in the form of a romantic partner otherwise we don’t have it. Yet, love can be present from the person that held the door open for us as we were leaving our favourite coffee shop. It could show up in the form of a friend letting us know how much they appreciate us. Recognising the ways it’s already present will make us a vibrational match to more of it.

My invitation to you is to explore the strategies I share below and feel which resonate most. What we focus on expands.

1. Write a list acknowledging all the amazing ways love is experienced by you in your day-to-day e.g. the delicious coffee you had this morning or the kind woman that held the door for you on the train or the phone call you had with your bestie.

2. Make a conscious choice to give more of it to others e.g. compliment someone aloud when you think something nice about them, be the person that lets someone in in traffic, give a friend who’s been having a challenging time a call.

3. Nourish you! When we give ourselves love we don’t need other people to fill the void, it just adds to our already over flowing cup. So, make space for healing food, for self-care, fun, movement and play. ‘

Love is one of the highest vibrational feelings and in essence our true nature. Make space for it everyday not just on Valentines day ;)!


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