Detox 101

Easter is a celebration of many things including: amazing food and of course CHOCOLATE!

If you over indulged a little over the weekend then no stress, leave any guilt at the door because we hope you ENJOYED every little bite + now we’ve got you covered with our 5 top tips for detoxing.

We hear about FAD diets promoting ‘detoxing’ all the time but as we’re sure you’re aware these can cause more HARM then GOOD and can actually place too much stress on your detox systems/organs which can mean symptoms like colds and flus!

The things we use aren’t about cutting calories or introducing copious amounts of supplementation, in fact we like to keep it simple.

That’s why we’re all about good nutritious food, movement and practices that will help your body to eliminate some of the toxins that may be floating around from the extra festivities!

But as always we like to give you the why behind what makes it so important..

Did you know that our detoxification organs/systems like the liver, kidney and lymphatic system can be overworked when we eat too much or not enough of the nutritious stuff, which can make us feel lethargic, puffy or even just low in mood!

The good news is we can turn this all around by using some of the following tips:

1. Drink WATER and plenty of it, spike it some fresh lemon (this will help flush out any toxins) and you’ll be rid of any puffiness in no time!

2. Up your greens and make food that is easy to digest- stews, slow cooked dishes, soups and broths will give your body all the nutrients it needs without putting too much pressure on its digestive function!

3. Move your body (even walking can be enough) this will help the lymphatic system big time, especially practices like yoga as the twisting helps drain fluid.

4. Use an infrared sauna, our skin is our largest organ so sweating takes some of the pressure off of our internal detoxification organs.

5. Take an epsom salt bath, this is another great way to support detoxification as magnesium can help stimulate proper bowel function + it also helps to relax the body which is key for it to rest and repair- Oh and did we mention it’s simply RELAXING!

These 5 tips will have you back to yourself in no time but FYI these little tricks will keep you at your best even when you haven’t had an indulgence ;)!

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P.S if your sugar cravings are bad suck on something sour like lemon or lime or spike your water with apple cider vinegar it tricks the brain and will banish those cravings almost instantly!

P.P.S always consult your health care professional before taking on any new health advice ;)!