How to make your New Year intentions stick

“New year, new me” it might be a little cliche but if you’re anything like me it’s not unfamiliar. I used to say it to myself every new year (in my early 20’s) yet, when I think about it I had little idea of what this new me actually looked or felt like. I knew that I wanted to change something or do more of x, y, z but that’s as far as it went.

Since I lacked clarity I rarely made the leaps and bounds forward that I truly desired. After a few failed attempts at making changes in my life I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same thing over and over if I wanted a different result. So I began seeking out mentors, coaches and resources to support me in improving my day-to-day habits. I started with my fitness, then my eating and it eventually flowed into other areas of my life. I soon realised that the true key to progress lay in 3 areas: 1. Clarity around our intention 2. Creating daily practices that would make progress toward the intention 3. Consistency.

These strategies still make the basis of the framework I use today. So, I wanted to elaborate on these 3 simple tips and how you can apply them (you might want to grab a piece of blank paper for this one).

1. Get clear on what you desire, is it improved health? or finances? relationships? or fun? Now, narrow it down a little further because all of these are still super broad. What do you specifically want to change? I’ve listed some examples to help get you started: Health: nourish your body so it will release the 5kg’s you feel isn’t needed. Finances: Have more then you need in your bank account each month. Relationships: experience deeper connection with like minded women. Fun: allow for more spontaneity and exploration in your days.

2. Now that there is clarity around what you desire to upgrade it’s time to create a list of 3 actionable steps you can take to support yourself in making this happen. Here is an example (using one of the examples from step 1) Health: Step 1 prioritising meal prep step 2 drinking enough H20 (e.g. 2-3 l’s per day) step 3 creating a consistent digital sunset.

3. When working to create new habits I always recommend starting with a couple of small actions each week that will allow you to keep track and measure your progress. When they start to feel habitual you can add in something new. A great way to see how you’re tracking is by creating a small check list at the end of each week where you review how many days you hit all of the things you committed to.

Remember keep it light, simple and fun + be consistent because this is the key to true transformation. The more confidence you build the more audacious you can become in what your shooting for ;)!


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