3 strategies to boost your self trust

Self-trust has been a topic hot on my heart for some time, but it’s one of those things that requires us to embody it before we can teach about it. To give this all context I felt called to share a little from my own adventure. A few years ago I hit my lowest of perceived lows. I was in a deep spiral of fear.

I feared food (because I had become so trained to seek what was ‘right’ for me from other people and all the conflicting knowledge sent me into a tizzy), I feared leaving the house. I feared not having a healing plan, I feared remaining ’sick’ and above all else I feared living a life that was dependent on other people. 

I had become so disconnected from my guidance, that my physical body began to shut down in every way. Remembering the truth of our multidimensionalness presents for each of us in different ways and for me it was through this rendezvous with rock bottom. The thing I learnt was that the more we ignore the calling, the more discomfort we’ll experience be it in our relationships, material/financial wealth, health or something else.  

Having spent many, many years looking for the answers to my ‘imbalanced health’ through healers, nutritionists, naturopaths, Chinese med doctors and everything in between. Spending countless hours researching, reading and listening to everything I could on healing, spirituality and health. I kept falling short, until I released the reason I wasn’t experiencing the vitality I yearned for was because I had assigned something outside of myself as knowing the answers for me. 

I stopped trusting myself to make choices that were in alignment for me. The moment I surrendered to that truth was the moment I began to reshape my experience. It was a process rebuilding my ability to trust myself, my body and my choices. I say rebuilding because it’s something that is present in us from the very moment we enter this physical existence, but we’re often taught to stray from it and entrust other people with the role of knowing whats best. 

Over time I began to master this art in my health and so started applying it to other areas of my life, including our business. Which has lead me down the path of providing guidance to others seeking their way back to their truth. 

  1. Meditation: this is where we literally begin to recalibrate and program ourselves on a cellular level. 10-15 minutes is all it needs but consistency is the key. 
  2. Observing my emotions: journalling to build self-awareness is so powerful. We can learn so much about ourselves through acknowledging our emotions and what situations draw which from us. Reflecting daily on how we felt, who we interacted with and where we were can be great clues as to what is and isn’t in alignment for us. 
  3. Following the impulses: listening to the subtle signs from the feather floating by, to the song playing on the radio practicing presence and really allowing ourselves to receive the messages can bring so much play and joy into our day. 
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