1 on 1 coaching

One of the reasons we created Maximum You was so that we could combine our unique gifts to support people through the transformation process. You can work with us as a combination or individually, read below for more on our styles. 

Our coaching styles. 


The people I work with are primarily those that are ready to integrate and embody both the physical and non-physical. They’re people who have been dabbling in self-development, spirituality and holistic health but haven’t been able to bring it all together in order to truly create the change they’re seeking. 

My style of guidance is very intuitive. I combine spiritual, energetic and tangible practices to allow you to shift your mind, replenish your body, enhance your energy, and live in a way that is aligned to your inner guidance-- which will in short “allow you to experience the abundance that is your birth right.” 

I’m firm but gentle. Spiritual but purposeful. And most of all committed to you experiencing your own greatness.  

I offer a 6-month intensive transformation program for 1:1 client’s and also have a group coaching offering called “Ignite your Light” that I onboard for once a year. 

To find out more about whether we could be a fit, book in for a complimentary 20-minute discovery call by hitting the link here. 

To check out the intake for June 1st 2020 click here. 




The people I work with are often heart centered, creators. They have big visions for how they wish to contribute to the world through business, whether this be as a solopreneur, a dynamic duo, a high level management role or as a valued member of a larger team. 

My method is all about uncovering your genius and giving you the insights + strategies to release the things that aren’t working and enhance the things that are. Through expanding your level of self-awareness you’ll be able to create from a completely different space, a space where solution-oriented thinking and clarity are your more dominant experiences. 

I deliver a firm but gentle approach and when needed will cut through the BS. Above all else I will be your biggest cheerleader in championing for you and your businesses success. 


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