Mother, daughter duo Sarita and Maxime created Maximum You to offer their years of combined experience in mindset, professional development and building a healthy lifestyle, along with their own personal journeys.

They are committed to guiding you on the adventure of transformation through aligning body & mind.

Allowing you to break free and become your Maximum You.

Our vision

To drive the mind body movement.

Our mission

To walk beside you on the adventure to becoming your Maximum You.

Our tagline

The Power To Be!

Our Offerings


    From clearing the fear, to the mind, body connection and an exploration of the mother, daughter connection..Our workshops will empower you with everything you need to begin redesigning your MAXIMUM YOU! These days are filled with soul fuelled… Read More


    Our talks explore so many aspects of creating our Maximum You including the mother, daughter connection, holistic wellness, how to clear the fear and so much more! To find out how we can be apart of your event… Read More


    Want us to be your personal cheerleaders and guide you through the transformation process? Then THIS IS JUST THE THING FOR YOU!! We’ll give you everything you need to tap into your Maximum You and begin designing the… Read More


Nutrition Basics

Saturday, October 13, 1:00pm-3:30pm

Torquay, Victoria

Unlock your Maximum You

Saturday, September 29, 1:00pm-3:30pm

Torquay, Victoria address TBA


Using the tools from Maximum You reminded me that I have the power- exactly what I needed and I absolutely loved being supported by these two ladies


I love that the workshop never felt clinical, it had a great sense of flow within enough structure to make sure we got the tools we needed to create our ‘Maximum You’ and clear those fears.

Melissa G

It was a wonderful, intimate experience being a part of your workshop, it was refreshing to meet two women who share many of the same beliefs about health, wellness and typically life as I do- the reminder that how we think, feel and behave is all connected was timely. Thank-you so much for a day of connection and knowledge

Kayla Furmaczyk

Maxime and Sarita are not only wonderful women but they are equally amazing at what they do- they have helped me change my life and the tools and techniques learned from them will be with me well beyond our work together- THANK-YOU!

Belinda Street

I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing workshop…I met some beautiful people and learnt how to shift those stubborn fears! These two women are incredible and I couldn’t recommend their workshops highly enough… Life changing! 💛✨ Thanks for having me!

Kate Lozanovski “Nourish your Life”

Very impressed by the Mother, Daughter team! They both complement each other beautifully and really enjoyed the flow of the afternoon, I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into their ‘Maximum You’

Angela S

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