The era of instant everything..

“Is it stunting your emotional, physical and spiritual growth?”

Oh yes, we’re going there, in a time where everything is so readily available to us from food, to entertainment, to transport, social media and technology it’s no wonder we want everything YESTERDAY!

But some things, in fact, scrap that…most things TAKE TIME and the era of instant everything is distracting us from that truth.

Have you ever started doing something, maybe an exercise program or learning something new like playing an instrument and after a couple of weeks you don’t feel like you’re getting results?

So you start searching for other ways that might get you ‘there’ (to your goal) quicker?

Or maybe on the flip side you see results super-fast and then they stall and rather than sticking with the technique you go looking for the next ‘thing’ because there has to be a “faster way”?

We can of course only talk about this because we’ve both totally been there and the thing we came to realise was that “it’s the journey not the destination” (as cliché as it might be.)

No magic pill, program, self-development book, coach, plan or thing is going to substitute the natural evolution of time- and this can absolutely feel like an inconvenient truth.

But the inconvenience equally offers us something else…something of value and that is the opportunity for acceptance.

When we accept that true progression, transformation and growth take time we are able to shift our focus back to “what do we need to do in order to get there?”.

It’s easy to get caught up in the big goal, the shiny end object, achievement or feeling and fill our time with the thoughts of:

“how can we get there faster” but it’s the lessons that we’re given along the way that allow us to to truly transform and grow.

We always like to think of it with the baby analogy…the majority of us don’t learn to walk before we crawl nor do we learn to run before we walk and it’s no different when wanting to ‘progress’ it’s incremental.

So, our invitation to you is this:

Where in your life do you feel like you’re focussing on the running before the crawling?

Write it down…it may be in your career, health, relationships or even finances.
Got something?


Now let’s move on to step 2…

Where is your focus? Is it on all the blocks? On all the ‘things’ you feel like aren’t working? Or are they on all the positive things you’re doing to get yourself there?

If the answer was focussing on the blocks:

Write them down and then ask yourself what could potential solutions be to those blocks?

Once you’ve got potential solutions, work them backward- what would you need to do to make them happen- step, by step.

Then lastly put a timeline on the action steps, what can you do each day to get you closer to the solution?

If the answer was focussing on the positive action you’re taking: Amazing, also write it down and allow yourself to truly reflect on the progress you’re achieving.

You may even want to apply the above steps for the next steps you need to take to move forward.

Learning to enjoy the process of progression can be a challenge in itself but we promise the more you practice it- just like anything the easier and more fulfilling it becomes!

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S & M.x