Radical acceptance the key to radical transformation!

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Are you seeking radical transformation in your health? Your wealth? Your Relationships? Your happiness?

Well then the answer is practicing radical acceptance of where you are right here right now!

Sounds simple right?

But of course there is a BUT…and that but has to do with which place we’re leading from.

Are we leading from our fear based analytical thinking mind aka the ego or are we leading from the space of love, understanding and acceptance?

When we are in resistance or in the mind of the ego we will search for all the reasons why x, y, z is happening, we’ll find excuses and labels and things to lay blame on which may even lure us into the place of being the ‘victim’ to our reality.

The irony of that is it actually doesn’t change A THING!

In fact, it only makes our perceived suffering of the circumstance we aren’t enjoying WORST!

Let’s paint the picture and give you a real life example:

How many of you have had the ‘bad day’ experience?

You wake up in the morning and you stub your toe or spill your bullet proof coffee on your favourite shirt…or miss the tram by 1 minute and are late to an ‘important’ meeting and your inner dialogue is “I shouldn’t have slept in or if only I didn’t do x, y, z”… then things start to snowball and one thing after another just keeps bogging you down..

Shouldn’ts = resistance… resistance = suffering!

^^^^ this formula can amount to life warping suffering or simple day-to-day suffering but it can equally be removed by doing this:

Surrender- It is what is = acceptance… acceptance = space for clarity and flow which allows us to ask what is the best next step to take?

So how do we move from surrender to acceptance?

We use the 5 x 5 principal:

Will it matter in:

– 5 minutes
– 5 hours
– 5 days
– 5 weeks
– or 5 years?

If the answer is ever no to any of these let it GO!

The choice is truly that simple… When you learn to lead from this place we move into our true nature where suffering and resistance is not the place we lead from.

NOTE: We may still occasionally flirt with resistance but you don’t enter into a full blown love affair!

So, where are you currently feeling like your outter world isn’t matching the desires of your inner world?

And where are you focusing on all the shouldn’ts?

Can you bring the ease of acceptance to this place and instead ask yourself what the next best step is?

Go back to the formula we shared earlier and step it out…

Remember either is always a choice and you are the only one who has the power to choose differently for you!

S & M.x

P.s We’re launching our ‘Clear the Fear’ E-book in the coming weeks, which will have your step by step guide on how to clear your fear (which is of course resistance) and allow you to move into a place of ease and flow (which is of course acceptance)..so make sure you’ve signed up the #mysisterhood to get first dibs!

As always leave us a comment below we love hearing from you!! S & M.x

One Comment on “Radical acceptance the key to radical transformation!

  1. fear is definitely the game changer and letting go of it a life changer.fear of practically every thing has held me back from actually living my whole life,this is a soothing post,thanks.

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