Self care is not selfish

Looking after ourselves can easily slip down the list of priorities, especially when we’re juggling the multiple roles of modern day woman- wife, sister, daughter, mother, friend, career woman, grandma, aunty and volunteer. But we’re here to tell… Read More

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Love your liver!

Our liver is such an amazing organ and works hard to keep us strong and healthy, so we need to make sure we’re giving it enough TLC! It’s responsible for everything from ensuring proper metabolic function, to detoxification,… Read More


Self sabotage

Self sabotage, why do we do it and how can we move beyond it? This is one of the most common blocks women come to us with…and we’ve totally been there but just like our clients we’ve now… Read More


Oral care 101!

Good oral hygiene is obviously key in keeping our pearly whites shining bright but did you know that it’s also where our digestion starts! Amazing right? The bacteria that live in our guts extend all the way up… Read More

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Brain loving olive bread

We’ve finally put together our recipe for the brain loving olive bread! This loaf is packed with good fats and contains 0 GRAIN which’ll keep your brain ticking from breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner! Ingredients: –… Read More


Why intention isn’t enough..

2017 is well and truely underway and before we know it we’ll be welcoming February, so how are those New Year intentions going? Still as strong as the first week you set them? There are various stats that… Read More


Reset your body, with these five liver boosting foods

Christmas has once again been and gone and what a special time of year it is! We hope you got to enjoy every minute of it and let the joy of connection fill your heart cup to the… Read More


Keep your digestion humming this xmas with these 5 simple tricks

X-mas is one of our favourite times of year, the spirit of giving and spending time with our nearest and dearest definitely fills our heart cups! Not to mention all the delicious food…but over indulging could bring the… Read More


Lean, green frittata

Max absolutely loves experimenting in the kitchen and over the weekend she came up with a delicious easy frittata that we just had to share! The combination of good quality fats and immune boosting greens will keep you… Read More


How to bring your Maximum You to the festive season!

It won’t be long until the festive season is in full swing and with that comes plenty of gatherings, get togethers and occasions that bring our nearest and dearest together! Connecting with loved ones in our belief is… Read More