Our Story

We all have a story and this week we had the privilege of sharing some of ours on 91.4FM 3WBC with Rae Bonney, which got us thinking about the direction Maximum You is taking. If you’ve been following… Read More

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The era of instant everything..

“Is it stunting your emotional, physical and spiritual growth?” Oh yes, we’re going there, in a time where everything is so readily available to us from food, to entertainment, to transport, social media and technology it’s no wonder… Read More


Our top 10 Winter Hacks to keep your body fighting fit!

Well today we celebrate the last day of Autumn here in Australia and as the winter weather sets in we thought it was the perfect time to share our 10 top tips and tricks to keep your immune… Read More


Clear the Fear!

Fear…we’ve all experienced it right? It can make us feel super vulnerable, confronted and like we want to go running for the hills but what if we told you it could be your biggest catalyst to transformation- in… Read More


Woman of the Month Rachel Holm

“Meet Rachel Holm the founder of the magical essential oil blends ‘Hanako Therapies’ an energetic healer, mamma, wife and business women whose story, tips and tricks will no doubt inspire you! We spent some time chatting to this… Read More


Detox 101

Easter is a celebration of many things including: amazing food and of course CHOCOLATE! If you over indulged a little over the weekend then no stress, leave any guilt at the door because we hope you ENJOYED every… Read More


Coconut chicken soup

You asked, we listened! Here is the recipe for our coconut, chicken soup! Ingredients: – 300-400g Organic chicken mince – 1-2 broccoli heads – 1 zucchini – 3 cloves of purple garlic – Fresh grated turmeric – Fresh… Read More


Woman of the month. Sonya Driver.

Meet Sonya Driver, our March woman of the month. This amazing lady is the founder of Eco tan, Australia’s first certified organic natural tanner which took the tanning world by storm. This mother of two has had her… Read More


How we navigate change is always a choice

Choice and change are two of the only true constants in life and what we do with that realisation can make all the difference. We’ve worked with hundreds of women and often when they openly share about feeling… Read More


Gut health 101

Gut health has been a hot topic for while now and there is so much new research surfacing on the daily! So what makes it so important- It only digests our food right? Yes, it definitely does digest… Read More